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I’ve pretty much kicked soda and that’s helped, trying to eat healthier and I have some home equipment but not too much. Plus I don’t really know what to do on the total gym but I do use it a few times a week. Lost 20lbs but I’ve put back on most of that due to some relapses in soda and stress eating. Anyways my goal is to lose 50lbs by the end of the year and then maybe another 20-30lbs after that.
If soda is a real weakness, why not get the diet variants? They only have 5 calories or something.

Otherwise, if you’re going to stress eat, eat a can of tuna, or a tin of corn, or beetroot or something.

Stress eating a burger won’t help your goal.

I lost 20 pounds inadvertently simply by no longer buying snack food. It wasn’t a weight issue – it was a money issue – and snacking on cheaper things like tinned corn instead of a chocolate bar or pack of crisps took me down 20 pounds and I wasn’t even looking to lose weight to begin with – this was only over the course of about 8 weeks.

Something so small can have a huge effect, and the bigger you are, the larger the effect will be.

Just remember not to starve yourself. And as for exercise – if you’re basically looking to just lose weight, go by the philosophy something is better than nothing.

If you don’t want to run, fine. But try to do something.
I had issues with stress eating too. We keep a container of sliced veggies in the fridge now and a ton of fruit, so I try to grab those first. I also keep high fiber bars for the same purpose. Eating 6 meals a day instead of 3 and exercise also helped me with the stress eating. Instead of throwing down some junk food, I would go for a run. I’ve lost 50 lbs so far.
i have stress eating too, ive just learned to go for a run to burn the stress off instead of driving to McD

Yeah, same here except for I got a punching bag instead of running. Not only is it hard as fuck to go at a punching bag as hard as you can for 4 minutes but it feels good afterwards.
every time you pick up an item of food, ask yourself (out loud), "is there a better choice I can make?"

Whether there is or isn’t, you are taking responsibility for what you’re eating… more than if you just ate it and regret it later.

And what’s interesting is the more you learn about nutrition the more you almost want to prove to yourself "yeah, there is something better that I have"

so instead of a scoop of ice cream you have a tbsp of peanut butter with a drop of honey on top (my fav. snack when I crave bad shit) — just because it’s a better choice that satisfies a similar want
When I started my weight loss I asked a co worker of mine who is in crazy shape how he eats. He tells me about the eat shit diet. Basically you look at what you are about to eat, if your about to put shit in your body dont eat it. It helps if when you look at that cookie, cake, fast food you picture a huge nasty steaming pile of shit. You wont eat it.
calorie in < calorie out

keep yourself busy.. when im in school i always just sit on the computer and get bored so i eat

now that i’m home i’m either wakeboarding, working on the car, anything. keep it off your mind
^ good point. A hobby is always a great distraction from food.

Stress eating used to be a huge problem for me. Meeting deadlines always meant I’d have a packet of crisps open while I worked furiously away. Now, I’ve replaced the packet of crisps with a green pear or two. Works out to less calories in to feel the same level of comfort / fullness.

If you have a hobby, be it photography, cars, computers or whatever, engage yourself in that hobby when you find yourself craving a snack. Soon enough you’ll forget about it (the craving).

You’re bound to get replies like "just run fatty" or something, but if running is too difficult or unenjoyable (I personally find running to be the most boring form of exercise) then pick up another activity. Lifting isn’t necessarily the only other alternative – playing basketball or football (soccer) or tennis with a buddy is a great way to shed excess weight (so long as you keep your diet reasonable).

Exercise is not an excuse to eat more, which is what I see people doing all the time. It cannot become a rational for excess eating or incorrect eating.

Gains will slow as you lose weight, so don’t lose motivation. It just means that you’re progressing and that you’ll have to start doing more. But by then, you should be in the groove.

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