The Grand Shiny Bastard is getting scared!

Here is a 5 1/2 inch piece of 5/16th stainless steel called the Grand Shiny Bastard. Only 3 people in the world have certed on this thing within the 5 minute time limit. I put it to roughly 90 degrees or 4 inches between ends. Hopefully I’ll have this thing destroyed in the upcoming months.

amazing man that thing looks like itd hurt badly just trying to bend it
thanks guys!
my wrists are on fire today…stainless definitly fights you all the way to 90 degrees then puts its airbrakes on it seems!

I started off with Iron Mind blue nails then I progressed to…

1/4 grade 5 bolts
1/4 grade 8 bolts
Iron Mind Red Nails

Then I started cutting down red nails to make them shorter down to 6 inches. Then found out about FBBC stock and ordered their 5/16 inch stock along with 5/16 hex and stainless steel.

It took me roughly 2 years of continuous training to go from Iron Mind blue nail to destroying a 6 inch piece of 5/16 stainless steel which has only been done by a handful.
The only way you get better at bending is to bend. Just being strong really isn’t gonna do jack shit for what you are able to bend.

The top strongmen out there probably would be stopped dead in their tracks by trying to bend a Red Nail which is rated to around 400lbs.

The FBBC stainless at 6 inches I crushed calibrates at about 710lbs.

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