One of my friends recently decided he wants to get in better shape so he started exercising with me. He really needs to lose weight so when he goes iwth me we just focus on cardio. We’ll do stadiums, running, cycling, swimming etc.

Well, a few weeks ago he started going with me, then his mom got in a bad car accident and he had to take care of her so he stopped for about two weeks. Ever since he came back he’s been having trouble with the exercises we usually do. It started when he first came back. We just kind of picked up where he left off, and started with a bike ride. We rode for 14 miles, 15-16 mph pace with a sprint of about 22 mph at the finish. Afterward he started coughing really hard then ended up throwing up. I didn’t think anything of it, since he hadn’t been working out.

Took two days off (he’s somewhat flaky) and then did stadiums. Start at the bottom, sprint to about row 50, jog down, do 20 push ups, sprint, jog, 5 pull ups. We do that about 4 or 5 times and then he ended up throwing up. Next time he asked to just jog to take it easy, so we were running at an easy pace for about 5 minutes when he starts coughing and throws up.

Fast forward to today, we go to the track. Run a warm up lap, stretch, then jog the curves and sprint the straightaways. We do this for two laps then stop to do some abs and push ups. He ends up throwing up. Gets some water and decides he wants to run some more. We jogged two more laps at an easy pace, and when we finished he ended up throwing up again.

I told him he needs to go to the doctor to get checked out just to make sure everything is ok with his stomach.

Could it be that the exercises are just too hard for him, and I need to make sure to tone it back when he’s there, or could there be something wrong with him? Most of the stuff isn’t hard that we’re doing, but he’s still throwing up. He tried eating toast about two hours before exercise, then eating nothing, eating fruit, just water, no matter what he throws up.

Cliffs: Friend wants to get in shape and starts working out with me, throws up practically every time he does, not matter what we’re doing or what he’s eating before hand. I’m wondering if we just need to tone it down a bit or if there’s something wrong with him.

Is this located near the other feminine hygiene products? Thought I noticed some at CVS the other day when I was looking for something to get the sand out of my vagina.

He’s pretty out of shape, about 5’9", probably close to 190. I try to encourage him to keep going, because everytime he’s working out with me it’s getting cut short.

yea…same asile…
He just needs to ease into it slower. Having an out of shape person ride 14 miles @ a 16 pace with a 22 sprint is way too much, as are stadium stair sprints and all of that.

That’s what I was thinking, but he still threw up when we were jogging for only 4 or 5 minutes.

I’d have him try eating something more substantial an hour before exercising that’ll give him energy and start out with somethin slower. 10 mile bike ride at a 11-12ish pace or something. If I don’t eat something before I go train I certainly feel a lot more lightheaded and nauseous if I’m doing something like heavy squats or deadlifts – and it’s definitely due to the diet, and not super hardcore to the max training intensity.
5’9 190 is a pretty big dude he shouldn’t be doing so much so early. Tone it down a bit and he’ll be fine
I gotta say kudos to your friend for being willing to work out to the point of and past the point of puking. Not many people willing to push themselves that hard. Honestly sounds like he’s already "hardened the fuck up." But the puking off of jogging would concern me. you are more or less putting yourself in the position of his personal trainer, therefor you should send him to the doctor just to cya.

I’ll tone it down next time and see how it goes. Now that I think of it he might be closer to 180. He’s got a high bf %, but he’s able to do about 7-9 pulls up so it’s not all fat.
I don’t know how you have a serious workout with your friend barfing all the time. Watching people barf is absolutely hilarious to me. If he kept barfing all the time the only part on my body that would get a workout is my abs from laughing so hard.

There’s been quite a few times I’ve had to walk away because the sound of it was making me feel sick. Today I just said, "Right on time" and kept doing push ups. He’s kept a good attitude about it at least.

Back in early hs I used to get queezy when I’d see or hear someone barf. Then I started getting drunk with friends and watching their faces and listening to the sounds they made was super hilarious to me.

I guess it just stuck because even today I still laugh my ass off at someone barfing. I laugh at myself when I barf too.
I wonder if he’s having emotional stress that’s affecting him when his body is
working out.
imagine if you were depressed or had alot of anxiety for some reason and tried working out….

I wonder if he’s having emotional stress that’s affecting him when his body is
working out.
imagine if you were depressed or had alot of anxiety for some reason and tried working out….

I would just stay home and eat carbs.

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