On Deployment Trying to put on some weight Need advice

soo i am about 165 5’10 and trying to get up to 185-195 would like some good advice?


get your friends back home to send you care boxes with food in them. My brother is on deployment and thats what we did, lol. You can get cans of tuna and chicken from costco by the case.

sorry i wasnt very detailed lol, need suggestions on supplements

Oh sorry, lol. My brother’s problem was that the food he had on base was pretty slim and shitty so he wanted actual food to eat.


don’t they feed you high calorie diets?

yea man, you just need to eat more. supplements won’t make you huge if you don’t have the caloric intake to back it up. you could always try to order some brotein or weight gainer shakes

how many meals do you get over there?

do you have access to a barbell and weight?

Iraq or Afghanistan? If it’s Iraq he should have a decent enough gym

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