Is there something wrong with me?

My heart will beat really fast after every meal like I’m dehydrated. Even though I drink plenty of water all day and nothing but water, I will feel the need to chug a lot of water hours after consuming a meal to get heart rate down. Symptoms lessen when I stop working out for several weeks.

Drinking alcohol makes my heart beat super fast and feel like I haven’t drank water for days. I will have to chug like 3 cups water inbetween every drink or I feel horrible.

I have to take OTC alternatives to benzos, anything that is GABA antagonist (l-theanine, ashwagandha, gabapentin, kava, phenibut) to keep heart rate down. I’ve asked the doctor about all this and they just prescribed me paxil. I used to think it was creatine but it doesn’t matter if I stop it. Before I started taking the pills every day I was drinking close to 2 gallons of water per day to get heart rate down.

The best self diagnosis I could come up with is generalized anxiety disorder, or something wrong with GABA. I don’t really feel "anxiety" thought, like I don’t feel nervous/scared just the fucking heart beats like I just chugged 3 red bulls.

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