getting swole is simple

throughout my years in the jim, ive witnessed many skinny kids talking to their gym partners about what kind of routine arnold ran or which direction stirring your protein shake in is optimal for muscle growth.

they talk more about lifting than they actually lift.

when i encounter these people, i usually tell them the following to save their precious energy (ofc they are usually catabolic). the few who listen end up swole:

lift heavy

pick up shit until you are exhausted. do this a couple times a week every week. its that simple. as long as you’re getting in all the big compound lifts, you dont need to worry about intricate questions like "do i need more isolation work for hamstrings?" or "is the inside of my sphincter being sufficiently stimulated"

only eat clean food and eat beyond the point of hunger. no sugar, flour products, etc. food is not for enjoyment u fat fuk
its not even expensive. buy a weeks worth of oatmeal, yams, eggs, chicken, spinach, etc for less than the cost of taking your boyfriend to dinner

sleep at least 8 hrs a night. if a quiet environment makes you wander off, you are sleep deprived and wont get swole. you will also experienced impaired mental function

if you’re not seeing progress, you’re doing at least one of these things wrong.


Pics of xom to see if swole. If so, I stand corrected.

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