Cheapest place to get BCAA powder with best ratio of leucine?

NutraPlanet used to have bulk unlabeled Modern BCAA, was like 1 kilo for $25. They no longer sell it.

Drinking some modern bcaa from NutraPlanet now, and just realizing this shit had black specs of shit floating around in it. I wonder if these guys are like Pure American Whey and I’m drinking ground up condoms.

I don’t eat enough protein, so I assume I would need more aminos than leucine.

Aminos actually compete for uptake. Just get leucine.

Out of curiosity, what would happen if you worked out, only ate carbs, fat, and leucine? No protein. I’m not going to do this but just wondering.

a lot of the guys who do very aggressive fasting regiments pound Leucine throught the day to preserve muscle tissue.

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