Cardio immediately after waking up

Anybody do this? The trainer at my local gym was telling me it would help me lose weight faster because running on an empty stomach would force my body to use fat for energy instead of the energy in my stomach from breakfast.

do you lift on an empty stomach too?

I just do it because it makes you feel productive and refreshed first thing in your day. I don’t know how tangible the fat burning benefits are.

No, I only doing cardio in the morning. Generally 30-45 min depending on type of cardio exercise I’m doing. Wake up, drink about 20oz of water, take some e/c and hit the gym about 15 min later.

Hmmm… I know you body generally stores enough energy, in the form of carbs, for about an hour of running. I don’t know how much less stores of carbs your body would have in the morning. I know I’ve done 1-hour runs first thing in the morning and never hit the wall from lack of carbs.
ive been reading around and this seems to be a good idea. ill give it a go starting monday and report back to you guys later

Depends on your diet. You’re actually metabolizing glycogen, fat, and muscle at the same time. As glycogen deminishes you’ll process more fat. Your diet is still going to be the biggest producer because the better the diet the less fat is stored after a cardio session.

I’m still not convinced the body can digest food fast enough to meet the bodies demand so i don’t know if eating first makes a huge difference. I’d love for someone more knowledgeable to chime in.
i cant do anything on an empty stomach, but im pretty sure eating a breakfast bar before running in the morning effects weight loss slim to none…its probly not even digested before im done running…

whoa bro–you have access there?

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