Beginner questions

Just started working out after, oh, 30 years off. Used a plan for the first 24 days (Advocare). Now I am just eating right and working out every day. Just two questions really.

1) Is it ok to work out every day? I really, really enjoy working out. I do 30-45 minutes cardio and then 30 minutes or so on weight machines. I started about a month ago doing 10 minutes cardio and going light on the machines. I have increased the weight quite a bit on my workouts. I do different parts of my body each day (I worked with a trainer on my workout routine).

2) I have never eaten healthier. Loads of salads, fruits, small portions of meats. Almost no junk or sweets. But I get the shits almost every day. WTF? Is that normal because my diet changed so much and I am so much more active now than I used to be?

So far lost 17 pounds in about 30 days. My goal is to lose 30. Besides having the shits I feel pretty damn fantastic.

1) In general, no. You need time to rest and recover. You don’t need to be doing cardio every day either. It’s overkill especially if you’re just starting up again. You’ll burn yourself out. And lifting definitely not. It will backfire if you lift every day.

2) Go buy metamucil and start taking it.

Great job now stop overdoing it

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