Anyone pick up a sport again you use to play when you were much weaker?

I have started to play a little basketball again recently. Back in the day when I played high school basketball I was a 165lb twig and it was much easier to shoot the ball and have some touch.

Now that I’m so much stronger the ball feels like a feather and I can’t get a feel for shooting beyond the middle of the key I can throw down dunks easy due to all the leg work I’ve done but that’s about it. I feel like Shaq up in this bitch

I think the closest I can come to picking up an old sport would be riding the O Line sled as a coach now.

Yeah I always hated basketball and I can’t exactly go play football again.

You ever lay those kids out once in a while so they respect your authority?

Golf. Now I have no mobility and strength doesn’t matter. So not shit.

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