Am I cutting too fast?

So I decided to go on a cut after doing a slow bulk for 6-8 months but I’m wondering what everyone’s results have been during a cut. I was about 215 a month ago and I weighed in yesterday at 206. My biggest surprise was when I worked out chest yesterday. I was maxing at 325 which I can no longer hit. I tried doing 275 for reps which I was able to do for 6-8 on my 5th set but I struggled to get 3. Are these numbers supposed to drop this quick after a month? I’m obviously not taking in as much calories as I was before. Probably around 2000 a day. Protein intake is around 150-200g.

How quick are your numbers supposed to drop? And when do you guys stop cutting? (ie… when ur satisfied with how you look or do you stop when you dip below benching 225 or something?

The answer most people will give you on here is that you are cutting too fast. I’ve always read a pound per week is good, and cutting that slowly should let you maintain much of your strength

only way i’d cut where i’m at right now would be if i was cutting for a wrestling match. in which i could cut about 15 lbs in a week

but on a serious note, if you are cutting and then going to maintain that i’d say yes you are cutting too quickly. cutting means you will lose some muscle mass as well so be wary of that. if you want to be strong, keep doing what you were before. if you want the look of being cut then don’t give a shit about what you lift.

Its normal. You’re doing fine. Don’t let lifting mind fuck you. Weight on the bar will drop as calories decrease but will slowly increase as you adapt.

I think I’ll stop at 200lbs and just maintain. I don’t care about lifting ridiculous weights anymore. Just want to look good now.

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