Allmax’s QuickMass

What do you brolies think? Good weight gainer? Or should i keep adding bananas to a milk protein shake?

doubt you can stomach 4 scoops though, and wtf only 6 servings how much does the crap cost
Might as well eat PB with a spoon while drinking a carton of egg white.

you can make your own, protein + light olive oil + peanut butter + bananers
Any weight you gain from that stuff you’ll pryjust regret in due time anyways..

This would be about a million times better

Nutrient dense food > empty calories
Russian Bear 5000 is a high calorie; zero fat; protein rich weight gaining powder providing 5000 calories and 292 grams protein per serving providing an anabolic formula for rapid weight gain without gaining fat.

Manufacturer’s Product Research:
Vitol Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer; Ice Cream Vanilla Flavor. Rock Hard Fast; Zero Fat; Anabolic growth formula. Soviet & USA’s High-Tech Weight Gain Formula. Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer has been developed by Russian descendant Val Vasilef N.D.; winner of over 80 physique; power and weightlifting awards including Mr. America also a research in sports science and advanced nutrition. Val has incorporated once held Soviet secrets of their most important anabolics and USA’s most potent ingredients for gaining weight Without Gaining Fat! Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer is the one and only; The first of it’s kind in the history of sports science to produce such great results in Lean Super Weight Gain!

Highlighted Facts:
Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer is the only weight gain formula to contain Zero Fat content. Lean Mass and density is the only way to go. Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer contains the highest calorie content for body building or those who just want to gain weight. Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer contains the highest protein content of 292 grams per serving. Each serving is equivalent to 292 gram capsules of tablets of amino’s. Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer provides the highest biological quality pharmaceutical grade proteins; non-fat milk solids and egg white (albumin). Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer provides a mega 46 grams of MCT’s. MCT’s cannot be stored as body fat and retards muscle glycogen from being used during normal activities enabling you to have more energy within muscle tissue for hard training sessions and recuperation. Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer contains the most potent vitamin and mineral formula including anabolics such as Colostrum; Sikadeer Antler powder; Boron; Eleutherococcus; Inosine HXR; and much more! Soviet & USA Anabolic Profile Per Serving: Yohimbe Bark1500mg; Sikadeer Antler Powder500mg; Schizandra Chinensis500mg; Eleutherococcus1000mg; Inosine HXR500mcg; Colostrum400mg; Boron3mcg; Chromium Picolinate200mcg; Typical Amino Acid Profile Per Serving In Water: L-Isoleucine10540mg*; L-Arginine7135mg*; L-Leucine14467mg*; L-Aspartic Acid4112mg; L-Lysine14352mg*; L-Cystine5957mg; L-Methionine5023mg*; L-Glutamic Acid38124mg; L-Phenylalanine9232mg*; L-Glycine7148mg; L-Threonine8427mg*; L-Tryptophane2180mg*; L-Histidine4766mg*; L-Tyrosine11904mg; L-Proline11720mg; L-Valine12512mg*; L-Serine6725mg; Alanine1013mg; [* The Ten essential amino acids.] The L-Tryptophane in this product is naturally present in the protein. It is of the food source and not added or manufactured.

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