Adding a 5th day?

I’ve been doing the routine in the sticky for a few weeks now, 4 days a week. I would like to add a 5th day but I’m not sure what to do on it other than cardio and stretching. Any ideas?
no need to lift weights more then 4 days a week. you grow when you recover.

stick to stretching and cardio and mobility exercises if you really want to do something with yourself
Separate a day out for dead lifts only, do cleans and cardio one day, do an insane forearm workout and abs, lot’s of stuff you can do

you could just split shoulders and arms into separate days

this is what I did

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Wouldn’t it be better doing deadlifts on a back day? Would it be bad doing them the day after back?

For me, I was doing deads as the first exercise on backday and they were taking a lot out of my tank. I was half assing the back workout. I put them on a separate day now.
or you could switch up to something like this back day once or twice a month (courtesy of Pur)

3-4 body weight pullups 6-10
4 sets barbell or db row 6-10
3 sets cable row 6-10
3-4 sets dead lift 6-10
3 sets hyper ext 15-20 reps

Could you give me an example routine for an insane forefarm workout? Other than wrist curls what else can you do in the same day

really heavy farmers walks. no straps, just chalk. if you dont have the farmers walk logs, find some 150lb dbs and walk for distance.

db’s have a different feel than real farmers walks though. you can try something like this

Since that routine only has you training lower body 1x a week I would do something like hill sprints if you wanted to add in another training day.

do you just DL on that day or do something else?
You can do an active recovery day and hit the sore body parts lightly to get some nutrients in there bro

Jack off/play guitar hero = sore forearms.

I dunno I dont train them directly.

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