Balancing Gym/Exercise and Family?

I have a nice gym set up in my basement.

Usually I try to bring my daughter downstairs and work out…she’s 4 1/2.

My wife has to watch the 2 year old son…

I have this weird feeling of guilt that I’m not spending time with the whole family when I work out…it really eats at me.

Anyone else have this? I would solve this before my getting up super early (330-4am) to work out…but with the kids waking up at night..its gotten bad trying to get up to work out.
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Fat Girl Dancing Now Has A Reality Show on TLC.

So There is This Girl Named Whitney Thore who is famous i guess for dancing on YouTube and being fat. Im fat myself and id kill her in dancing. She is wack and just rolls around looking ridiculous. Im all for people being who ever they want to be but she is promoting Unhealthy with her No Body Shame and this new TLC show My Big Fat Fabulous life. (FATABULOUS)

Im all for loving who you are inside but with her blaming things on this or that making excuses shes going to not even live that long.
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Hypertrophy routine?

Hello F&N

I’m looking for a new routine. I have done a bro split in various forms, PPL, and most recently PHAT, each for at least 6 months. I enjoy high volume and frequency, so all of these routines have worked pretty well. Moving forward, I want to focus on hypertrophy as opposed to strength gains.

I am 6’2 at a lean 185. B-225, DL-405, S-335.

Injuries in 2014 have changed my outlook on lifting. Please help me with a hypertrophy routine!

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The 40 Year Old Zyzz

OK. So that’s my goal. I’m 39 years old. Can I do it in one year? A year and a half? (technically I’ll still be 40 until mid Sept 2016)

When I was in my 20s, I ate anything I could ever want, worked out 3-4 days a week and was pretty lean.


excuse the facial expression, many beers in at this point

When I turned 30, my metabolism slowed down. I lost some weight, I gained some weight. I got serious for a little bit and looked like this @ 190lbs (heaviest I have ever been):
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