Halp w/shoulder pain. Ceaze, Gogz?

Recently, while benching (arched back, elbows tucked), I was struggling to lock out my last rep. I got it, but after doing so, I now feel a sharp pain in my shoulder, ONLY when pressing horizontally with my elbows tucked in. I can flare my elbows out 90* and not have any pain. It feels like it’s coming from the top/rear portion from what I can tell. No pain doing lateral raises or internal/external rotation against resistance, only when pressing heavy horizontally.

I know, I should see a doctor. I won’t be able to do that until next week…in the meantime, are there any tests or anything else I can do to narrow down what it might be?
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How often do you take time off? v.5-6 days a week

Lately I’ve been doing the below or a variation:

Sunday: road bike
Monday: chest/shoulders
Tuesday: back
Wednesday: road bike
Thursday: legs/biceps
Friday: off
Saturday: mountain bike

I feel great most of the time but I’ve had a day every so often where I just feel so tired and weak that I almost feel I need to be spoon fed by the time dinner rolls around My weight is pretty constant… was on the way down but with the seasonal desire to eat extra I’m hovering around the same weight +/- a couple pounds lately.
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Feeling faint, eyes glazed, have to sit down for 8+ minutes

So.. I have had two trainers in the past 12 months.

Everytime I hit a certain level of exertion, I start to feel faint, my eyes feel glazed and I HAVE to sit down. It’s not a 3 minute break that is required, I literally have to stay seated for 8+ minutes.

I panicked halfway through the year and had a stress test and echoigram (sp?) done. The cardiologist said that I had the "strongest heart he’d ever seen", I find that ironic but it makes sense since he typically sees people who are 65+. He said i’m healthy and sometimes high level of exertion does that to people. He just told me to just take it slower. So I gave it more time. Now it’s been a solid year (off and on) that this has been happening.
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Keto 4 Lyfe

Jacob T Rauch, Jeremy E Silva, Ryan P Lowery, Sean A McCleary, Kevin A Shields, Jacob A Ormes, Matthew H Sharp, Steven I Weiner, John I Georges,, Jeff S Volek, Dominic P D’agostino and Jacob M Wilson. The effects of ketogenic dieting on skeletal muscle and fat mass Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2014, 11(Suppl 1):P40


Very low carbohydrate (<5 %), high fat (>70 %) ketogenic diets (VLCKD) diets have previously been shown to have favorable changes in body composition (increased lean mass and decreased fat mass) in obese or overweight individuals. However, the impact of this form of dieting relative to a traditional high carbohydrate diet has not yet been investigated in resistance trained athletes. PURPOSE: Therefore the purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of VLCKD verses a traditional western diet on changes in muscle and fat mass.
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Protein Bars – Suggestions?

For the last few weeks I have been using the Kill Cliff protein bars and they taste great, have 20g protein, 1g sugar, and 3g net carbs. I am down to my last 4~5 bars and before I buy more I was wondering if there is any other bars on the market that are better off? Below is the nutritional data on the Kill Cliff bars.

Kill Cliff Salted Caramel & Almond

Kill Cliff Chocolate Chip Cookie

Kill Cliff Mocha Almond Brownie
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Fat Girl Dancing Now Has A Reality Show on TLC.

So There is This Girl Named Whitney Thore who is famous i guess for dancing on YouTube and being fat. Im fat myself and id kill her in dancing. She is wack and just rolls around looking ridiculous. Im all for people being who ever they want to be but she is promoting Unhealthy with her No Body Shame and this new TLC show My Big Fat Fabulous life. (FATABULOUS)

Im all for loving who you are inside but with her blaming things on this or that making excuses shes going to not even live that long.
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Has anyone her had gym schedule messed up by surgery?

Specifically gallbladder. How long did it take to get back into it?

Gallbladder isn’t bad, I bet you could do some light machine work and stationary cardio 3 weeks after. Just be sure to not do any valsalva maneuvers if you lift anything.

Thanks. That’s about what I was thinking.

Hardcore people go straight from the hospital to the gym and crank out some reverse hypers. The pain meds help you lift longer.

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What can I do for sciatic nerve pain

Messed it up a couple weeks ago deadlifting. Sad part is I really wasn’t trying anything wonderful, just 355 x 1. My best was 405 x 1. Anyway, felt like a twisted up rubber band just let go in the lower left side of my back. It didn’t hurt right away but about 30 mins later it was sore. Now depending how I move, bend, or pickup weight it still hurts Wat do