Quick cheap meals?

So for the next year I’ll be working atleast 80hrs a week and won’t have time to make food and I don’t want to have to deal with dishes either. I need advice on quick, cheap and healthy meals I can stock up on and eat anywhere. Any ideas or should I just go buy a ton of lean cuisine’s?

I do wraps. Throw some turkey, shredded cheese, and buffalo sauce on it. Cheap, tasty, and quick.

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Yo Juice Pro’s

In thailand, need to know what to take for cutting. Thinking about stanzo with clenn and some anavar. But then I could just go for straight HGH … something to cut and still put muscle on. Thanks dudes.

Not to say that I don’t think you are a chickenshit n00b that needs to do more research before even possibly considering AAS. Anyway, maybe it is in my years of skank railin’ and gettin’ RIPT2SHREDZ that I have started to become a more caring, kinder bro. After all, this is the Broly Land, and I feel it is time to give back to the brommunity.
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Need a 3 week routine

I’m out of town for work for 2 weeks with a shitty packed gym, back for 1. I want to incorporate doing heavy barbell lifting my week home, and I’m stuck with machines and dumbbells for weights for my 2 weeks away. I’m not a fan of going heavy on dumbbells but the shitty gym has no barbell.
Is going heavy one week then lighter for 2 weeks a big waste of time or can I extract some benifit from a strict routine? Im going for pre spring cut gains.

is there a reason you need to go heavy for that time? why not just use the time to keep your gains and maybe do something different to hit your small muscles and focus on diet?

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Any good free weights I can buy?

I’m looking for free weights (dumbbells) that I can easily add and remove weight to. I know they have those bowflex ones and whatever else but those are hundreds of dollars.

They make dumbbells that are like little barbells and you can put on what ever plates you need. Look on Craigslist.

Who is the strangest person at your gym?

At mine it’s this older obese lady who talks to herself and has her hair in pigtails. She’s there no matter what time I go.

I’m sure some of you have some funny ones

Retarded 40 year old guy that wears a lifting unitard every day and only does 2" rack pulls.

400lb bitch that sits on the recumbent bike wearing her muslim head gear popping skittles, gotta love planet fiteness

~50 year old lady that wears spandex and does super weird, rhythmic, spiritual dances in the mirror while lip-singing whatever is on her ipod

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My upper back/traps/neck area is always tense all the time. What’s the deal?

I do sit at a desk all day. But even when I go out to a concert or something and standing, after a couple of hours my upper back feels like its going to explode. It gets to be unbearable sometimes. Any thoughts?

Well, I’m not an expert by any means but I’d say you need to start doing scapular retractions and improve your breathing patterns

You might want to try rolling on a foam roller or lacrosse /tennis ball. It’s worked for me.
Or even try some neck rolls/stretching.

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we all know sleep is extremely an extremely important aspect of training

you bros gotta try these.. i bought them a few weeks ago because i was staying in a bright as room with no blinds or curtains, but have been using them nightly since:

comfort sleep mask walgreens sells them for under $10, i get DEEP ass sleep when i use it. definitely a noticeable difference to nights when i don’t use it.

if you have blackout curtains than you don’t need these