Should I just focus on my left arm for a few week?

My right arm is noticeably stronger than my right (from jacking off) and I was wondering if it is a good idea to just lift with my left arm when doing curls and rows. Or should I just keep working them both hoping it will catch up?

Keep working them both, most people have an imbalance. I usually try to at least start the excercise with the weaker side first (example concentration curls)

yeah if you havnt learned how to switch hit by now i think its a lost cause bro

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Adjusting a routine

You guys talk about not touching a routine if you’re clueless, so I figured I’d ask here.

I haven’t been working out too long but I feel as if my chest should be getting hit a little harder, since it’s the slowest to grow. Same thing with my traps

Is there anyway I can intelligently and appropriately adjust this routine for a little more chest work? Could I throw in some shrugs on Mondays (heavy back day)?

My lifts have gone up and I’m seeing good progress but I feel like my chest might need a little more than what’s on here currently- which is
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Don’t think I’ve ever seen a lifting vid more funny than this

knee wraps, squat suits, sunglasses

coach should be sodomized for doing this to these kids

he’s right though that suit did improve his performance big time, gotta get me one of them.

I’m on my phone so I can’t search his other vids but he has a vid of those kids doing what he says is 500lbs with bench shirts on with bands.
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Foam Roller Crew – In?

Who else has one of these motha fuckas? I just got one for home use, was using some nasty one at the gym. My entire body feels reborn. Shoulders feel reborn and everything feels fresh. If you dont have one of these fuckers go buy one, totally worth it. Anyone have any good videos for rolls? Just saw the DeFranco one.

I use it when my lower back acts up. Shit hurts like hell but seems to speed recovery more than anything I’ve tried.

Not in this crew, but I’m a member of tennis ball crew.

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Why do fuks who do P90X and Crossfit insist on talking about it 24/7?

In real life, online, and probably over telepathy who ever does P90X or Crossfit feels the need to tell EVERYONE. Is it because they get no results and have to tell eveyone for them to know? wtf bro’s

I wish had an answer for you bro. Or better yet a solution.

These fucks are SOOOOOO Annoying.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone IRL that actually does that and I used to train at a crossfit gym. You see it online because its being posted in fitness forums… IRL I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like that at all.

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Sup bros. Broke my leg- recommend me good workouts?

Broke my left leg into 3 pieces on Sunday. Having just arrived home I have decided to be constructive with my next 3-5 weeks and try to get more in shape than i was pre-accident. Currently, I am stocked up on protein bars, carbs, vegetables- what else kinda foods do I need? I have no clue about any of this but I am really trying to maximize fat burn (beer belly) while also gaining muscle mass (arms/midsection.) Can you recommend what workouts I should be doing?

Standing on my leg is currently excruciating, so most of my workouts will be from on my back or hanging from bench. Also what equipment should I buy? Dumbbells? I have a resistance band but IMHO its kinda worthless if I cant stand.
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MusclePharm Combat protein – doesnt mix at all? wtf?

Just bought a 5lb tub to try something new plus it has a blend of whey/casein/egg so I got a tub. Tried it this morning tho and it turned into an oatmeal slush that was thick and clumpy….wtf. what do u guys mix it with? I’m gonna try warmer water to see if that fixds it.

MusclePharm is even more overpriced than muscletech

And casein as a whole doesn’t mix very well… doesn’t surprise me. You try a blender or magic bullet?

It was only 43 bucks not bad…but no ill try a blender but I really prefer not to use one because then. I gotta clean that shit out.

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Tempted to stop eating pork

You can have a google. A lot of nasty bugs and diseases from them. Pig organs go into humans for transplants so you’d assume they’re easily transferrable?

Seems they produce so many toxins and other shit that they can’t get rid of it normally so they evolved channels down their legs that it all oozes from.

so what you’re saying is that you’re considering to no longer eat bacon. . I see no benefits.

Farmer John chipolte boneless pork chops are delicious

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Muscle Gauge Massive Growth – Short review

This stuff sucks. Don’t buy it.

I got it because people started saying it’s like the original jack3d formula. To be honest I don’t feel shit from it. It just makes me nauseas, while jack3d makes me feel like a gorilla about to cum.

I took it 4 times this week and had a shitty workout every time…focus wasn’t there and just felt lethargic throughout. And FYI I am very sensitive to stims.

Just ordered some more jack3d…even the new formula is way better than this shit.

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