Starting EC stack, routine overview, and creatine?

I’m starting an EC stack, never done it before.. Main goal is to lose as much weight as I can in the 2 months I will be on this.. I don’t plan on using EC stack longer than that…

I’m starting slow but in about 3 days I will be taking 24g E and 200 C, 3 times a day. I am going to be doing a low card diet, but either I will have a cheat day on the weekend or I might eat like a granola or something before or after the workouts…

For the EC stack, I read this website;
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body’s giving out on me… any ideas?

So i’m training for my first olympic triathlon, and recently i’ve been having a ton of strength and recovery issues… I’m hoping you guys can help me out.

My symptoms:

– Very long recovery times
– complete lack of strength
– complete lack of endurance
– very fast lactic acid burn
– tons of muscle cramping – stronger and more painful than normal, especially in my calves.

What i’ve tried:

– tweaked my diet – increased fats from almonds and roasted soybeans, increased complex carb and green veggie intake
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Anybody else workout really late?

I usually dont get to my workout until Midnite or 1am. Therefore, my pre/post meal are all messed up and I’m just now learning about complex and simple carbs

-a banana/orange bout 30mins
-some white rice


-sweet potato
-whey protein
– and sometimes Peanutbutter sandwich on whole grain bread

does that seem ok? or should i take some stuff out since i don’t workout until real late?

Preworkout might benefit from some protein.
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Do you have a Pre workout meal?

A buddy of mine just started lifting again and wanted me to go with him. He lives like 30min from his gym so i just met him at his house and rode with him. Before we left he put 3 scoops of whey into about 10oz of milk, drank that, did 3 scoops of super pump250 with like maybe 6oz of water and grabbed a energy drink out of his fridge. Then on the way there he bought a 50pc nugget from McDs and ate probably 30 of them in the parking lot. Hes like 5’10 150 and said he needs to take more super pump, the 3 scoops isnt enough.
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had a 2 hour evaluation yesterday

My mom’s neighbor has been a personal trainer for 20-something years, so she gave me a free evaluation for 2 hours yesterday.

My reasoning for it was I’ve been weight training for 7 months or so and am starting to realize my flexibility has suffered a lot. Plus, my posture problems (mostly lordosis and some shoulder slouching) are causing alignment issues that make it dangerous for me to deadlifts and squats, something I want to add to my workouts.

Evaluation Results:
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Secret to getting RIPPED

The new shake weight for men!!!!

you can’t fucking argue with this graph

got home, checked it out. still not quite sure if i want my employer to know i go to that website…

Unlike the shake weight for women, u have to shake it urself.


That would explain why porn stars are so broly

Is this good?

Has anyone ever heard of or used Nitro Muscle Mass?

If you want a good mass shake for pennies vs name brand items

Just get a pure vanilla or choc whey isolate, and add raw oats, milk, and some peanut butter