full body work out vs. split body part workouts

currently, i am doing 2 muscle groups a day work out with cardio in between but am not seeing anymore results.

so this is my current schedule:
M: Chest and Triceps
T: Cardio + abs
W: Back and Biceps
Th: Cardio + Abs
F: Shoulders and Legs
Sat: rest
Sun: rest

I am thinking of switching it up to

M:Cardio + abs
T: Full body workout
W: Cardio
Th: Full body workout
F: Cardio + Abs
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Am I cutting too fast?

So I decided to go on a cut after doing a slow bulk for 6-8 months but I’m wondering what everyone’s results have been during a cut. I was about 215 a month ago and I weighed in yesterday at 206. My biggest surprise was when I worked out chest yesterday. I was maxing at 325 which I can no longer hit. I tried doing 275 for reps which I was able to do for 6-8 on my 5th set but I struggled to get 3. Are these numbers supposed to drop this quick after a month? I’m obviously not taking in as much calories as I was before. Probably around 2000 a day. Protein intake is around 150-200g.
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Kiefer’s Protein Supplementation 2.0 Article

Follow Up Article on Protein Super Dosing:

afraid to click links, domain name alone doesn’t seem like something i can handle

Excerpt from

Is it possible to eat too frequently?

It’s not uncommon to read about bodybuilders or other athletes taking the eat-more-frequently dictum to extreme levels, eating every one to two hours. The idea behind this is the idea that optimal results should occur by maintaining a near continuous influx of nutrients into the body. I imagine if they could find a way to do it, some enterprising athletes would set up a continuous intravenous drip with carbohydrates, amino acids and essential fatty acids.
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F’ing around with a new product, topical weight loss

Got some new material in today. Want to make topical weight loss product. Since you guys have been so kind to give me business, this will be the only board I do testers on. Around end of the week I’ll post up exactly what type of testers I’ll be looking for. This is strictly a belly fat product. There is a study on the ingredient and it appears to be solid. I have no idea how well it work in physically trained adult males. The studies were mostly done on women. Am I going to tell you what’s in it, no. Sucks for you, but I have to protect my investment. It’s not hormonal or anything like that. I should be able to make enough for about 10 bottles. If I end up picking you and you don’t use the product properly, I will come to your house and castrate you with a dull spoon. Please don’t screw around on something like this. It’s a PIA to put something like this together, to only have someone do it halfway.
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hydroxycut? xenadrine? green tea?

What’s your thermogenic of choice? Why? Where’d you buy it? Results?

its all the same thing anyway… green tea extract, caffeine, maybe yohimbe and a few other things and the rest is just bullshit to crank the price up, nothing proven to work only theoretical, even the green tea if u think about it

unfortunately ephedrine is illegal.. i love that, hundreds of thousands of people die from drinking too much vodka but because some idiots decided to max out on ephedrine to get high and got heart attacks they ban it and the rest of the world jumps on the bandwagon. fucking retards

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On Deployment Trying to put on some weight Need advice

soo i am about 165 5’10 and trying to get up to 185-195 would like some good advice?


get your friends back home to send you care boxes with food in them. My brother is on deployment and thats what we did, lol. You can get cans of tuna and chicken from costco by the case.

sorry i wasnt very detailed lol, need suggestions on supplements

Oh sorry, lol. My brother’s problem was that the food he had on base was pretty slim and shitty so he wanted actual food to eat.

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