what do you guys think about PowerBlocks?

do any of you guys have them or have you tried them out.

i have a gym membership already but im hoping if i have them right in my face every morning i wake up i’ll be a bit more motivated.

what do you guys think?
would anyone recommend them?
my concern is they’re too fragile. i used to have the bowflex dumbbells and they would sometimes fall out of alignment when i lightly dropped them

Ok so which is worse? V.nutrition

Is it worse to not hit my lowest recommended calories, or to get there with less than desirable food choices?
eat shitty foods but eat "lowest recommended calories"

eat good food but eat "recommended calories"

in terms of nutrition? eat good food.

this is too generic. we know nothing about your goals or what you are discussing in terms of good/bad food. deep fried twinkies vs. carrots? what. we need specifics.
Bro, its not confusing.
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What kind of results are people getting with REDuction?

Thinking about ordering some up..got the sample, like how it tasted..

I’m considering just the PM, though.. i’m good with controling my appetite during the day, but if a shot of some extra shit before bed will expedite the fat loss process, I’m interested..
i did the samples over a tues/wed/thurs routine around 1am before i went to bed .. it was more or less relaxing, placebo effect or not.

the am shots were great, was like a morning coffee/red bull without the jittery insanity i go through after finishing a can.
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What do you guys eat(if anything) right before sleep

Especially when I lift heavy I get hungry as shit for the rest of the day and even before I go to sleep I try to eat something. Normally I would just have a protein shake with milk before I go to sleep but is it that bad to eat a delicious stake(with some carb side)right before bedtime? Ive heard fat gain?

Thanks F&N
once you add it all up about a pony keg of semen and 3 to 4 flavored edible condoms
either 5 whole eggs or some cottage cheese mixed with ANPB
I have been doing greek yogurt before bed lately
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