Ahi Tuna recipe?

I have seen a few nice looking plates of Ahi Tuna posted in here, and am planning on cooking some tonight.

Any recipes, or spices you would recommend putting on it?
2 tbsp soy sauce
3-4 tbsp lime juice
1 serano (or birdseye chili)
1 clove of garlic
1-2 tsp of fresh minced ginger

Marinade for at least 1 hour.

Oil your pan

pepper your Tuna and Pan sear on medium-high for 1 minute each side, until its a little crusty. Never cook tuna all the way through (unless you’re a lame fuck who likes to eat dried out fish).
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do you workout at the GYM or at HOME?

i have a pretty nice home setup now… bench, DB’s, punching bag, gymnast rings, rock climbing pullup bar, balancing ball…

but i think i find it much easier to get a better workout at the gym… perhaps due to the presence of others and the lack of distractions…

fuuck, might have to restart my 24 membership, working out alone is kinda FTL
Gym, but I do have some equipment at home as well, like adjustable DB’s. And I do most of my stretching and stuff at home.
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F&N Chefs: How do u prepare your sweet potatoes?

so many diet plan recommend them but i got no idea how to prepare them in ways to fit into a lean diet.

ive only made them into fries with tons of oil or candied them like yams.
Wash it off then cut off the ends. Take some butter and rub it all over the top. Put in conventional oven on whatever and cook for an hour
I cook them in tin foil in the oven until soft. You can either cut them open or scoop them out and mash them. I always put cinnamon and a little butter on top.
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Lost 15lbs in 3 weeks

So a few weeks ago, right before I actually dumped my ex-gf, I was feeling really down and just "not well". I get on the scale and I actually weighed the most I have ever weighed in my entire life. 210lbs!! Whoa! I’m 5’10" and that 210lbs was definitely not muscle.

I noticed a trend with my dieting habits when I was with the ex-gf. I was constantly going out to eat. She works at a restaurant, so I would often go there and get free food from her or her sister. I was going 3-4 times a week, on top of going out to usual spots with friends during the weekend. I also noticed I was drinking more. Seems like I was having a glass of wine every time I went out.
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Oatmeal – are the health benefits real or a myth?

I’ve always heard that oatmeal is so great for cholesterol and other heart related items. Google seems to somewhat support this. Has anyone eaten oatmeal for a while and actually noticed differences in their LDL or HDL?

Also is the instant packet oatmeal that you add water and microwave as good as the traditional stuff you boil?

Thanks in advance.
Helps you not be a fat fuck which in turn lowers your shitty ldl and heart problems.

Most cholesterol problems are hereditary.
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raw egg yolks

i recently re-discovered kogel mogel, an eastern european desert where you basically put like 4-5 raw egg yolks into a cup, drop in a shit load of sugar and mix it until it has a creamy texture (in soviet russia, cake and icecream eat YOU)… only instead of sugar i put splenda so its basically no calories but tastes like a cheat meal.. nom nom nom

i already have slightly high cholesterol and LDL, if i have 1-2 of these a day in addition to eating cooked eggs like normal, will i get a heart attack? (23)
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Rope Slams..

are these good conditioning work outs?

My gym just got some ropes and thought of working out with them on my cardio days. Something different I guess? What is the best way to make most benefit out of it?
battling ropes

and yes, they are.
They will smoke the shit out of you. Generally they’re done as an interval because the intensity is kinda high.
look up battling ropes on youtube and you’ll find a bunch of videos

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Okay whats the best workout for me? ..lovehandles

I’m not overweight by any means (5′-4" // 125#) but I have minor love handles. I started running a lot but not really sure that it’s done anything. I’m guessing i need to start hitting the gym and do some machines?

..clearly I dont work out lol
jesus christ its robz

adjust your diet. but holy shit man, 5’4" and 125. guess i shouldn’t hate i’m a member of short crew too

lol. yes I’m effin short! My real good friend is 6’4. its almost comical when we hang out.
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almond milk

i am not too fond of dairy and trying to cut it out entirely from my diet. Any reason why i should still be drinking regular milk over almond milk?
i drink both. so what? big whoop. wanna fight about it?

so. confused.
I drink almond milk, but only because i like the way it tastes in my shake more than regular milk.
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