jumper’s knees

Are there any other training that I can work in along with eccentric squats?
What kind and quality are your shoes when you workout?

What certain jumps are you doing and how often do you do those jumps?
Have you tried TKE’s and foam rolling the IT band? Works wonders for everyone I know that complains about knee pain.

If you’re running a lot, have you tried forefoot striking?
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I’d also look at your hip and ankle function
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Powerlifters in here? What was your first powerlifting meet like?

Just did the ADFPF Northern IL Nationals in Chicago. To preface the haters… I was 61.2 kg (135 lbs) in the 67.5 class, which I understand is weight

Squat was 80 kg (176 lbs), bench 62.5 kg (137 lbs), and deadlift 150 kg (331 lbs).

Even with my numbers it was exhilarating as fuck. Squat and deadlift were all personal records for me. It’s amazing how much more you can do in front of a crowd of people. Didn’t realize how off my form was for bench… so many stipulations for getting the bar up correctly. Even the guys pushing 400+ lbs made an avg of 1 out of 3 attempts.
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fuck leg workouts

I mountain bike every weekend, which can be hard on my knees. Every leg exercise I do is at least somewhat hard on my knees. If I workout legs, I can’t ride that weekend because my knees hurt. I have to either workout and not ride, or ride and not workout. I like riding better.


Any suggestions for some leg exercises I could do to add a little mass without putting too much strain on my knees?
if your knees are hurting i can pretty much guarantee that your form is wrong
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Chad Waterbury’s Next Frontier Routine

It’s to long to post here.

Thoughts on a high frequency program like this? I’ve done the stickied bodybuilding routine for a while, but I’ve realized when I add exercises I grow more. I’m pretty sure I need to switch to something more intensive for a while.
i got tired of reading. give it a go and let us know what you think.
i just skimmed. from the BBers I know they stick to what they know and their own routines. the most important thing that was drilled into my head was rest and not to over work the target area. it may be old school but i feel that less frequency correlates to less of a chance of ripping/tearing something if trained properly, hypertrophy will come in time if you’re patient.
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to what lengths do you guys stretch. i take 2-3 min to stretch quads/hams/calves/groin before i go straight into cardio, after cardio its a quick 1-2 min stretch of upper extremities before i start my routine.

is there a certain amount of time to hold a stretch to efficiently prepare that area for a routine?

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