2011’s fat loss miracle pill. Why do people fall for this garbage over and over?

So 2010 was the year of Acai Berry supplements as the "in" supplement for weight loss. Then someone posted on my obesity site asking about the newest weight loss supplement pill a.k.a. the , and every year it’s the same shit.

People are just pouring their money away on these whored pills hoping for a miracle.

I personally would like to see some tougher laws on how these pills can market themselves, such as requiring peer reviewed independent studies to make claims. Or am I being too stringent?
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HIIT on the rowing machine?

Ive never been big into biking, it hurts my knees, same with running on a tread mill. was thinking about starting hiit on the rowing machine, i already do it at setting 10 for 10 mins as a warm up. was thinking dropping resistance, doing 5 for warm up then 30sec on 1 min off till 15-20….prob could only make 15 mins
is it high intensity?
is it on an interval?
are you training?



its HIIT

not the way most people row
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Just had my first "Semi-normal" workout with some semi mediocre weights.

Feels good man.

I have been doing:

monday: upper body/abs/cardio
tuesd: lower body/abs/cardio
wed: rest
thurs: upperbody/abs/cardio
fri: lower body/abs/cardio
sat: cardio
sun: rest

but that gets flipped around if i have physical therapy mid-week and such – so today i did upper body….

got up to 40lbs dumbbells for flat db presses for 20 reps……then did some machine work for chest, no flys because the thought of that scares me, then i moved on to some seated rows and got up to some decent weight as well. and arms i pretty much can train normally without much pain at all.
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Trying to train for arm wrestling. Any tips

I was just wondering what type of exercises would be best for it. Any professional arm wrestlers on OT?. I am a pretty skinny dude with small bone structure but in the past I’ve had people taunt me and I beat them in arm wrestling. I’d like to keep this trait of mine because lately everyone around me is getting bigger and bigger, so it only makes sense to train for it 5-10 mins a day. I know I can google this shit but sometimes a professional knows far more than what you can find in articles written by turds online.
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So my mom joined a gym

My sister and I bought my mom a gym membership for her birthday. I live pretty far from her and cannot really afford her much help in person as she is getting started with her first habitual exercise regiment in person. i was wondering if anyone could recommend any good books I could send her to provide a bit of direction.

My mom is 52, moderately overweight but lives a pretty active lifestyle between home/work/volunteering but she wants to begin doing more weight bearing exercise etc. So far she has been going to the gym and doing 3×12 of a full body circuit and im really proud of her. I just want to get her some literature that will help her establish a sense of direction and gain knowledge/confidence in what she is doing.
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