Best Protein Powder for Shake Cup

Don’t have access to a blender or bullet at work, would like something that dissolves. I don’t mind if the taste is shitty, just I dislike the protein floaties…

I’ve tried optimum whey, muscle milk, and pure protein. Anyone have experience with that?
The Scivation/Smart Powders stuff is pretty good about mixing.

I’ve had two of those for about two years now and they’ve started leaking on me from the top. Normal?
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I am awful at shrugs, they hurt my neck and my upper back and I hate them. Maybe Im not doing them right but are there any other workouts i can do to replace shrugs?
nothing builds traps like heavy deadlifting

besides steroids

can also do neck work, and there are 100 different variations to the shrug…i’d just stick with heavy pulling though
shrugs are overrated. rack pulls are the best movement for upper back thickness.
shrugs are a great way to hurt yourself.
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I won the body-for-life challange v. 90 day before/after

Many have asked for my before/after pics and I never thought it was a great idea to share them on OT but maybe it’s a bit safer here.
I am 5’4-5’5 I weighed 163lbs on day 1 and 129lbs at the end of 90 days. I lost 12.3% body fat 8" off of my thighs 4" off of my waist and 3" off of my hips. I continued my exercise diet routine after the 90 days and in another 2 months I was down to 118lbs at my lowest. I weighed 135 lbs in my best athletic shape in highschool and I think my ideal weight is truly around 125-130. 118 was kind of gross.
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High Cortisol / Low Testosterone Bulking

AM Cortisol 828 nmol/L (140-690)
Testosterone 13.4 nmol/L (10.0-30.0)
Androstenedione 6.0 nmol/L (1.6-8.8)

Bio: 22yr old male; 177lb, skinny-fat (due to hormones + shit diet, i wont lie)

I’ve fixed my diet; don’t drink, don’t drink pop, stay the fuck away from fast food, don’t eat sugary food, and try to stay away from most processed crap.

Right now I am doing WS4SB, slow as fuck, and it seems its super easy to gain fat weight. I was 169lb two weeks ago. I feel as if I am in a vicious circle, Cortisol is lowering Testosterone, the effects (lethery, lack of motivation, poor concentration, ed…) are causing more stress. I’ve been trying to attack cortisol by increasing Vitamin C dossage, working out for 45mins max and intensely, and running with the doggeh on off days. This is helping, on gym days testosterone symptoms are lowered, hence why I have the energy to type this.
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Thanks F&N

Finally hit 2 plates on bench, next goal is 300 lbs then after that I’m going to push for 3 plates.

I hit a plateau trying to get to 2 plates, the vast amounts of information on here (as well as a few PM’s here and there from some of you) have helped me break past it.

By far one of the most satisfying times since I begun lifting.

What technique did you use to break your plateau? I’m stuck at a plateau myself. Also, are you repping 2 plates now or just 1rm?
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battle rope

best place to buy it? 40 or 50 foot. not looking to break the bank either just get the job done.
Local hardware store such as home depot; majority of the time they’ll have it.
Ceaze showed me this link and its the best price ive seen.

could try this place too.

If not you could always just braid your own.
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