Clicking under scap during depression

Yeah, how does that work and what does it mean? On my left side when I consciously depress my scapula it clicks in the middle of my back. Right side does not do this at all.
in for ceaze answer, i just massage the shiit around the whole of the shoulder girdle. but typically still have that clicking
Fully elevate (shrug) the scapula. When you depress the scapula you hear a click, another click, another click, and so on?

I’m thinking the clicking is from the inferior angle of the scapula rubbing against the ribs. The teres major and teres minor might be tight and causing the lower portion of the scapula to be displaced anteriorly. Try these stretches.
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EDU: How to maximize your erection strength, load size, and sex drive

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, obviously. Everything I have listed I am using or have used at some point. If you dose more than I recommend, I may or may not know what potential side effects may occur. Otherwise, I have had no negative sides and only positive sides resulting in comments from my gf such as "holy shit your dick has never been this big before" "oh my fucking god that was a lot of cum" and "god damn your dick is soo veiny"


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wrist pain when pressing

so, doing a standing press, i put a lot of weight on my wrist the wrong way. it’s the same kind of strain as when i’m doing a pushup.
the strain has started leading to pain, all the time. (usually minor, but it’s easy enough to aggravate)

am I doing it wrong, do I need to adjust my form, do i need to strengthen my wrists, or do i need to stop being a pussy?

keep the bar lower on your palm, start using a false grip, and buy wrist wraps.

thanks for the tips, i’ll check out ‘false grip’ and keeping the bar lower on the palm makes sense
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This shit hurts and I am wondering if I can take something for it. Advice would be welcome and appreciated.
A while ago when gyno was a big topic in F&N people were going with the AIFM/manboob kit from
More info motherfucker, nips sore/sensitive, you on dat dere test? As GT said you sure it’s not fat/pre pubertal gyno. Then someone might be able to help.

I am fat, but I think I have gyno too. There’s a tender area/lump.
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Adding a 5th day?

I’ve been doing the routine in the sticky for a few weeks now, 4 days a week. I would like to add a 5th day but I’m not sure what to do on it other than cardio and stretching. Any ideas?
no need to lift weights more then 4 days a week. you grow when you recover.

stick to stretching and cardio and mobility exercises if you really want to do something with yourself
Separate a day out for dead lifts only, do cleans and cardio one day, do an insane forearm workout and abs, lot’s of stuff you can do
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Started eating better and being more active v. 2 questions

I recently within the last couple of weeks cut out all pop and fast food (except chipotle) and started eating better with more chicken and turkey rather than steak and eating smaller portions. I also started doing cardio exercises like jogging and stationary bike to try to help lost my gut. I am going to start doing other things as well but I have a broken rib right now so it limits what things I can do.

I am not extremely overweight or anything and I am only looking to lose about 15lbs. I am 5"10 and weigh 185. Anyways here are my 2 questions:
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NO-Xplod vs Jack3d?

So because of all the recommendations I’ve read praising jack3d, I bought some a couple months ago. Absolutely amazing product in my opinion. Take it 5 times a week before every work out and I am 200% focused.

Now, a friend of mine sold me NO-xplod for like 15$ (entire bottle – new) so I decided to take it because it seemed like an awesome deal.

I haven’t taken any yet, but I was just curious to hear what your experience with it is like?

I’ve read on other sites that it gives people upset stomachs sometimes.
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