Manny Pacquiao consumes 7,000 cals a day

5’7" 140

gotta be bs
who knows man, its pretty well known that when Lance was in the thick of the Tour he was eating close to 10k a day, ya never know.
Almost definitely bullshit.

Pacquiao eats six meals and drinks five protein shakes daily, consuming 7,000 calories but burning 500 more. His muscles are chiseled, each with a purpose.

What does this sentence even mean? Burning 500 more? That would mean his BMR is approximately 6500 calories. And five protein shakes a day? Sounds pretty dumb to me.
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so i am currently 21 years old, 5’9 214 pounds and i need to lose weight, around 15 pounds in a month, is there any advice ANYONE can give me other than things i already know? (cut carbs, gym)

like… how long should i be working out at the gym for per day? what should i be doing at the gym? all cardio? weights?
any foods that promote weight loss?
Eat less. Do more. Read the stickies, they will answer all questions you might have.

Keep your shopping cart on the outside of the supermarket, try to avoid aisles.
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What’s your opinion v. pre workout drink

NO Xplode vs. NO Xplode NT vs. Jack3d

I’ve taken NO and NO NT, wanting to know if Jack3d is worth the money ($30 per jug).

Jacked is the best of the three. Little tub runs out fast tho.
Anything better I didn’t list? Always looking for something new…

My gym sells NO Xplode by the scoop, wish the guy that owns it would do the same for Jack3d. I just want to try it out and see if I like it. I’m addicted to NO Xplode. It might not necessarily be helping me any more, by psychologically I gotta have it!
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Possible to make decent gains w/out squatting? v.enlarged spleen

For the past ~2yrs I have had a severely enlarged spleen (seriously, it’s fucking huge). When I squat, or do anything for that matter that crunches my abdomen area with too much pressure, it literally feels like my spleen might pop.

I will probably eventually need to have it removed, but in the meantime, is there any routine which would allow me to make any respectable lower body gains w/out heavy squatting? I experienced pretty severe muscle atrophy throughout my entire body after the incident which caused my spleen to get it’s current size (long story). I have since regained size in my upper body, but my lower body is truly pathetic.
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blood sugar really low; too much protien (noob)

So I’ve been playing racquetball maybe 6-8 hours a week, lifting maybe 2 hours a week, skydiving 2 hours a week, and doing other cardio (running primarily) maybe another 2 hours.

My appetite has gone through the roof, and I’ve been losing a lot of weight and putting on some muscle. I feel great, wife loves my body, and I’ve lost a few pants sizes.

I started really focusing on protien. I use maybe 1 scoop of whey, split between the start and end of my workouts. I have some other low carb whey/soy bars.
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favorite ON whey flavor?

im a lurker here..i think this might be my first post in here ..

anyway im gonna pick up a tub of ON whey from my gym and i wanna know what flavor you guys think is good. ive narrowed it down to either cookies and cream or vanilla ice cream..ive had the double chocolate one but that shit was pretty fucking nasty
double choc, not nasty just dont use too much water, i used to think the same until i started using less water.

i still have a little bit left, might do some experimenting..
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