Stem cells and bodybuilding?

I was just thinking the other day, what would happen if i injected stem cells into my broceps? I wonder if i would get any gains? It would be hard to come across them but i was just wondering. Also would they have to be related to you to as in your kid or stem cells from a clone to work in your own body?
Knock up your woman and harvest the fetus to find out
you would be pregnant and a baby would grow and burst from your tricep

Yea, but imagine how swole you’ll be for those 9 months.
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white bread/rice vs. wheat bread/brown rice

School me.

The basic nutritional values like calories and carbohydrates seem to be pretty similar between the two.

Would switching out to wheat bread for lunch sandwich and brown rice for dinner make much of a difference for fat loss?
The difference is so tiny you minus whale eat whichever you like better, especially if you’re not following a really strict diet
White rice has all the nutritional value stripped.

Rice has given a wide range of results in glycemic index (GI) studies around the world. The GI of white rice has ranged from as low as 54 to as high as 121. In a study by Miller JB, et. al., the glycemic index and the insulin response of various foods were tested and compared. While the GI of the white and brown rice were similar the insulin response for brown rice was significantly lower than for white rice. These findings in this study also raise questions about the value of the GI alone without knowledge of the insulin response to foods. (1)

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n00b gains = gone. What next?

I’m at about the 2 month mark for lifting, and until the past 2 weeks I’ve either been adding weight or reps consistently every week. The past 2 weeks, I havent been able to increase either on any of my bench related lifts. In fact, i almost smashed myself today going for that last rep on my last bench set and couldnt get it up

So for you guys who have been lifting forever, is it normal to go longer periods without progressing, or do i need to change what I’m doing?

Routine is a bastardized version of WS4SB, doing heavy bench/incline/flyes Monday and light/volume of the same on Fridays.
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pec deck butterflies

How does OT feel about these? Waste of time for gaining mass?

I’ve done them a few times and really like that I can get a good squeeze when I bring my arms together, but I don’t know how effective it really is…

Incline flies FTW, amirite?
I tried them because my new gym doesn’t have a fly machine. I couldn’t feel them at all in my chest
i feel it if I bring my forearms together and squeeze… I just dunno if it’s doing much for mass
i always feel those pec deck machines in my shoulders more than my chest. i just stick to regular db flies if i do them
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Homoeopathic advice

I’m new here, and not sure if this will even work, but here goes

I am a homoeopath and iridologist, so anyone wanting any health/nutrition/ or any other sort of help I’m available.

I treat people over the net, and have had no problems sending my remedies overseas (I live in AUstralia)

So, if this thread even makes it onto the foru, feel free to ask me anything
so, yo like gay trails? and riding dudes, thats cool brah

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octogonal weights for deadlifts

they give you trouble doing anything off the floor. Fuck them and any gym that buys them with the excuse of them being "safer"
i dont see how they could be safer??

but will i be okay using them?

maybe i could do rack pulls but set the rack very very low
You’ll be fine. They suck because they’re a non-uniform shape so when the weight contacts the floor they can be in different positions on each side of the barbell which can throw you off a bit. Just be aware of that. I wouldn’t max my lifts with them.
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Bros: help me understand whats going on with my body.

I weighed (a very fat) 184 on the first day of my gym membership(9/14) and I weigh 184 today. I’ve been busting my ass 4 days a week lifting + hour spinning classes 1-3 days/wk. All of my lifts are consistently increasing, I’m getting stronger, but my weight doesn’t reflect that.

My first priority was losing fat, so I’m not worried about bulking up or getting bigger, but I thought all this activity would help me lose weight…and i’m not doing that either.

Whats going on?
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if you do two bodyparts in a day do you rotate?

i am doing pur’s routine so the only day i do 2 bodyparts in one day is friday with bis and tris.

is there a consensus answer or if it even makes a difference if you rotate, or is it better to do all tris then do all bis?
I personally switch off every exercise or superset a few of them
Or work whichever bodypart you consider weaker in terms of development first.