Abdominal work for Starting Strength/Practical Programming?

I’m three months into working out and decided to switch to the Novice Program in Rippetoe’s Practical Programming book so I can get stronger in the big 3. I don’t currently have the book (it’s in the mail) but I do have Starting Strength.

I’m surprised that the program(s) doesn’t call for any specific abdominal work. Should I expect that abdominals will get stronger as my squat/deadlift numbers go up?
It won’t hurt you to do some kind of core work every time you train.
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Running/Lifting in same day v. pros/cons

Before I ran into some relationship issues I was running 4.5-7 miles/day and then hitting the gym for 45mins-1.5hrs (depending on the workout). I would do this 5 days a week (if possible).

There are a lot of people i’ve talked to that don’t recommend it for various reason, but I’ve always done it because it gets me in great shape health wise and for whatever reason I feel like I’m able to do more in the gym (more reps due to better overall endurance).

I figure I’d let the F&N scientists give me the run down on the pros/cons, and if its recommended at all health wise. Also, what kind of diet should I be on if i want to bulk out muscle wise but still maintain speed/endurance (p/c/f)?
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Novadex discontinued?

Its considered a test booster and 90% of its use is involved with taking current illegal AAS. If what you say is true it was only a matter of time the FDA found out about it.
Just because bb.com isnt selling it anymore, doesn’t mean its discontinued.

Discontinued doesn’t necessarily mean banned… Could just be due to poor sales numbers or possibly like every other supplement company, there is a new formula coming out so they discontinue the old one just before release so everyone can clear inventories…
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triceps – cable extensions issue.

I’m doing normal high to low cable extensions to work out my triceps, but I feel a pretty heavy burn in my abs as well. Is there something about my form? I stand straight up (instead of leaning over trying to push the weight down) and my elbows stay strictly to my sides.

I normally do this in conjunction with overhead extensions and dips. is this normal to feel it in ur abs?
Pic of how you’re doing them? If you’re facing away from the plates and pulling over your head, I would think it’s normal unless your back is against something.
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