I want to get as big as I possibly can–Critique me

My workout is

Monday: Legs / Chest
Tuesday: Shoulders / Back
Wednesday: Chest / Bis / Tris
Thursday: Legs/ Shoulders / Back
Friday: Bis / Tris

I eat well and i am taking 1 scoop of Creatine (Cell Mass) directly after my last rep

I Take two scoops of Brotein-Syntha 6–one scoop at 9 AM and one directly after my creatine.

Am I doing it right? I need a solid routine–PLUS I have heard that you should do Two Weeks heavy / One Week light –Ideas?
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Workout at night

if i workout at night, and then sleep an hour later, wut shuld my postworkout meal be like?
Protein shake, eggs, meat, etc. Eat protein. Some people also like casein since it’s more slowly absorbed.

Lazer Hair Removal

If you don’t want to read the whole thing. Just read the underlined shit.
Well, I’m tired of my hairy body. When i was born I’d probably pick not to be Arab but too bad i was not given an option. My arms are pretty damn hairy, i like them myself but i started feeling embarrassed about it from high school. There was a time when i refused to wear half sleeve shirts.
Now i work out a lot but i still sometimes have a disliking for my extremely hairy arms. Recently my chest has been getting hairy too. My back is hairless and so are the sides but chest will probably get hairy like my dad.
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