so i was looking into stretching online and came across this mini-gem. i dont know if anyone posted about stretching but i feel much better after a workout if i have stretched before starting.

not the best site but if anyone has anymore info on individual muscle groups, please post.

back to my lifting!
click the muscle or exercise type then you can see the appropriate stretch

How many pressing movements for shoulders?

Is 1 enough? i usually switch up one pressing move each time seated military/standing/push/DB. But it just feels like it’s not enough and my shoulders are lagging. Should i add another pressing movement to the shoulder routine or would that be too much?
sure. do regular shoulder presses and then maybe some push presses afterwards so you can cheat a little with some leg momentum and finish your shoulders off.

That’s what I do, Military seated DB press then push presses after
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Hoornstra Interview

Haven’t seen it posted on here in the past or whatever. Long read.

715×1 raw flat bench
495×5 behind the neck military press
Incline DB Flies with 150s
585×3 bent over rows @75-90degrees
Lateral Raises with the 115s (really tore him up)
855×5 BB Shrugs
635×2 Close Grip Bench
Skullcrushers with 405
765×1 squat

just fucking silly

This is all killing me not being able to train….
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How many calories are unhealthy?

Today i’ve been tracking my calorie intake on fitday for the first time, and i’m already at 4300 something odd calories and still haven’t had my evening snack, am I getting to an unhealthy point? I’m in the process of bulking.
wait 1 cup of roasted almonds is 900 something calories? that cannot be right
well, thats where most of the calories came from then
bro dont go over 5k. Thats when your heart starts to send signals to your brain to throw up..

trust me i’v been over 6k calories
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I have no clue where to start

Hey guys, this is my first time in F & N.

I’ve got a lot of spare time this summer and could stand to get more in shape. The only problem is I have no clue where to start.

Right now I am 17 y/o, 6’1, and about 175. I’d like to lose some weight, and get bigger. I have a home gym consisting of..

One big machine that has a pull down (lateral?) bar, a thing were you put your arms in and then push them towards eachother in front of you, and a safety bench press.
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spinal hyperextension

I was doing kick-ups today, which for reference, is this:

I don’t know how to breakdance, I was just being retarded. Anyway, I guess I was arching my back too much because now, about 6 hours I have pain in my lower thoracic spine. The pain isn’t affect by moving around at all, it’s just a constant, uncomfortable feeling. Does anyone know what kind of injuries I might be looking at here? I hope it goes away soon and doesn’t cause any chronic problems. I’ll go to a doctor if it lasts a couple days.
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4 weeks out WA ST NPC championships

roughly 186lbs competing as middle weight. My girlfriend is doing figure and mixed pairs with me. Hopefully we bring home alot of trophies. Dont worry I’ll be wearing plenty of pro tan.

damn your quads themselves will probably bring home some awards. looking good overall. keep us posted on your progress and results!

but looking good bro, love the blue on you

stretching/warm up ritual

what is your guys ritual at the gym before you start lifting for upperbody and legs ? i remember mainesucks posting a shoulder rehab/warmup video and thats what ive been using, but i was thinking i could include some type of stretching also
eeeek, don’t stretch. (maybe a little on legs day) just a quick warm up set of 8-10 on a really light weight then go. I should probably be stretching, i’m sure.
Do 3-4 of the exercises from Mag Mobility and do a shoulder complex.

Depending on how my knees feel I may walk on the tread mill or ride a bike for like 3 min.
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Pretty sure I just passed my CSCCA certification test.

CSCCA=Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association exam Im ecstatic. Someone here was taking the cscs test, how did that go? Overall this one wasn’t too hard. The written exam was easy and the practical wasn’t too bad but was stressfull. Edit: Mad Dog Madden from UT is tough. Of course, when I had to defend my program I had to get his station.
Congrats, dude. I’ll be taking my ISSA test in about 5 mo.

Sweet man. Let me know how that goes. Next up I want to take the cscs exam and the usaw one. Ive gotta get some dough saved up first, both exams aren’t cheap.
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