lol just covered myself in peppermint p-7

gotta get to bed soon… 2 squirts on each forearm and 2 squirts on my chest not exactly "covered" but it sure feels and smells that way holy tingling
wow they must feel real good..
peppermint oil? or what exactly?
well it worked ok. lots of tingles and it made me cold – I think the sensations of the peppermint oil sort of energize me and lessen the calming effects

am I wrong to think…

I expected brad pit from fight club before the picture loaded…

Frank Zane right? he was Mr Olympia back in the day.
yes, Frank Zane.

and lol i can see why you would think that.

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Anyone else experience this?

I’ve been lifting for nearly 8 months or so, started at a skinny 6′ 135 pounds, i’ve gained about 20 pounds since lifting, (didn’t change my diet until about 2 or 3 months ago) but for the most part I haven’t noticed outrageous increases in size obviously, but I have noticed large increases in strength. Although I appear to be not very largely built (yet) I still can put up alot of weight on certain exercises. The other day I went to do skullcrushers and proceeded to put on more weight for my first set than the previous guy did on his last, only to get a look as he left. The thing is the guy looked noticably larger, so my thing is why am I increasing in strength so much to a point where I seem to be able to lift more than people of larger size, but yet don’t gain any considerable mass. Did any of you guys experience this is the first several months of lifting?
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Post stories of wierd requests you have rec’d in the gym

This is prompted by an experience I had this weekend. I was spotting Mrs. on the bench. The bench is right next to the preacher curl thing. This African dude asked me, in broken English, for "help."

So, thinking he needs a spot, I walk over. He asked me to put one hand on his shoulder and the other on his chin and push back while he twists his head So I’m thinking maybe he has a crick or something…then he asks me to do the other side.

No requests have ever been "that" strange before.
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Any downsides to doing this? v. protein shakes

Every day, usually for lunch, I make a protein shake enough to fill a large cup twice. I add in a handful of strawberries, 2 handfuls of blueberries, a bunch of blackberries, then the protein powder and some ice cubes. So I’m pretty much getting my whole day’s serving of fruit in one sitting. Is there anything wrong with this like my body not being able to use all the nutrients at once or anything like that?
i also know chocolate and berrys encourage shitting…so if you see your self gassy., you know why
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Anyone else shit pieces of almonds?

I ‘d at the title
Nuts, amongst a few other foods, don’t digest as easily, so it’s pretty common. Chewing more obviously helps, but I hear that the small chunks that pass through your intestine helps clean it out. Dunno how true that is though.
yea bro i shiat almonds covered in brown shiat b/c i just swallow them like vitamens.
almonds give good shits. something about that kind of fiber
I only shit almonds when I eat almonds. mileage may vary.

seriously? do you only shit peanuts when you eat peanuts too?
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Need some advice re: weights at home

Starting small, I have a curl bar so far (today). Where can I find a chart of everything I can do with it? It’s got 50 on it right now, i can go get more weights but budget is limited until wife starts getting paid….

Yes I’m weak, fat, and slow. I can’t do cardio all the time.

ALL pertinent advice is appreciated. Thanks.

I did search but there’s LOTS of posts to go through that reference Curl and Bar.
no gym for home.

start with
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In September I weighed in at 145. I tried all school year to gain weight. I was on the cycling team so I certainly didn’t get broly but now I’m 165. I would like to gain another 15 this summer. I know I need to eat like crazy but does anyone have any tricks to eat more and feel hungrier? I’ve been trying to eat more but I just feel sick to my stomach and tired. Yesterday I threw up at lunch from eating only about 800 calories. What should I try?

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