best gym to join in my area, and how to avoid scams

i live in arlington texas, and i want a 24 hour gym. who should i go with, and how do i avoid getting scammed on my membership

don’t list the options you have or anything…arlington sucks…
Walk into the gym and look at the people who lift there. If those are the types of people you want to become then sign up. Otherwise find another gym.
If there is a 24 hour fitness around you, I can let you know what the best price you can get If you would like. Pm me if you are interested.
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any phys ed. majors?

how is it? applying to schools now to get into this. i really want to teach middle or high school phys ed. and/or health.

i was kinda about it because i assumed it was a joke of a major. but from what i’m hearing it’s actually somewhat hard. anyone?

i definitely want to teach. fitness/health is what i’m most interested in so why not? always thought phys ed/health/music/whatever teachers got paid less than say a math teacher… but i guess the pay is the same.
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I have a huge glass of water at my desk and I’m drinking it all day, obviously I fill it up like 6-8 times.

I literally take a piss like every 10 minutes… It’s always clear, but none the less I am always having to go.

Is this my body’s way of saying I’ve had enough water, or should I just keep on keepin on and drink then refill?
Isn’t the recommended intake 6-8 glasses per day (not work day).

even that is a bit much, since people drink other things besides water (which usually have a huge water content)
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Training to failure?

I haven’t posted much in f+n but I lurk pretty regularly in here. I just wanted to hear some opinions on training to failure? I’ve always assumed that pushing more weight > more sets but I figure it’s time to ask some people who are in the know.

In the past I’ve been a 3×10 guy who wanted to always get that tenth one out.The last month I’ve just been upping the weight and pushing whatever I can. Be it 8, 6, hell even 3 and I’ve noticed a big strength gain in the past month.
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What to eat after running?

I started running last week, been trying to keep it at minimum 3x a week. I run about 2 miles. By the time I get home I’m starving. What are some good foods to eat after running?
Is there some sort of time frame in which I need to eat after? I haven’t eaten anything yet, and I got home from running at 9:30.
are you running to lose weight or for cardiovascular/general fitness?
Protein and carb blend. Protein is B0$$ and it actually helps your uptake of carbs. Scoop of protein w/a banana is a good combo. Gives you some potasium too. If you eat a shit ton of pasta it will just make you more tired. You don’t need that many carbs. Just get ~20gs or so with some protein within 10-15 minutes of workout and then within an hour or so get a regular meal.
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Will yohimbine hcl help me increase my vertical faster?

I’m doing some weights and some jumping exercise with weight vest right now. Will adding yohimbine hcl help me build greater muscle mass faster and thus help me jump higher, faster?
doubtful. it’s a weightloss supp so probably depends on how fat you are. nothing will work as well as a good clean diet.
maybe, but only if you’re cutting cause it will help drop the weight faster. assuming leg strength stays the same, in theory, less weight + same strength = high vertical