this dude lifts at my gym.. just won the mid florida muscle classic

open middleweight, 1st place.. Santiago Aragon.. i always see him in the gym.. he’s always lookin soft, but I guess he cleans up well for the stage..

19 years old, 5’5.

edit: weirdest shit, too.. i always see him in there, but we’ve never talked.. yesterday I was at the gym and I heard these two weird kids talking about some random shit (we kept ending up near each other cuz we were both doing back).. anyway, they were talking "hey, do u think santi uses juice? i heard he just uses prohormones".. now, at this point, i had no idea who the bb’er kid was and i didn’t know who this ‘santi’ character was, either.. end of my workout i decide to get a smoothie from the in-gym smoothie place (for the first time, mind you).. while waiting, i see that there is a printed out, framed picture of the midget guy that i always see.. and his name is santiago aragon.. turns out they were talking about the kid. strange coincidence.
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face fat?

I am currently bulking right now and I am seeing great progress. I am slowly gaining overall size. (Went from 160-170lbs) However, I’ve gained a significant amount of fat on my face. It seems to be fairly noticeable by family members who I haven’t seen before I gained the weight. I didn’t gain too much fat anywhere else though. Should I lower my carb intake? What kind of adjustments do you recommend for my diet?

On training days I take in around 4300 calories, 360 g protein, 366g carbs, 150 g fat.
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405 X 15

He’s repping a little more than my max for set of 15 fucking reps! 405 feels to him what 250 feels like to me
I can’t get over that shit.
looks like he could have easily knocked out a couple more
imagine this guy right before a fist fight. one shove and the other dude is halfway across the room

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Women routines.

Anyone have any good informative links to Facts and Myths to weightlifting for women?

Also anyone have any routines they run a beginner through(women)?

Stupid girlfriend thinks she is going to get huge just from lifting shit weight.
Fuck, I lift real weight and I’m not huge. I honestly don’t know what all these women are worried about.
My fiancee lifts weights, if anythign she is losing some weight and getting stronger at the same time. Love spotting her on squats. LOL
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The Grand Shiny Bastard is getting scared!

Here is a 5 1/2 inch piece of 5/16th stainless steel called the Grand Shiny Bastard. Only 3 people in the world have certed on this thing within the 5 minute time limit. I put it to roughly 90 degrees or 4 inches between ends. Hopefully I’ll have this thing destroyed in the upcoming months.

amazing man that thing looks like itd hurt badly just trying to bend it
thanks guys!
my wrists are on fire today…stainless definitly fights you all the way to 90 degrees then puts its airbrakes on it seems!
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New SuperCharge Xtreme NO…. trying it…

i like the old supercharge by Labrada as a preworkout drink.

today i saw they had a new "xtreme NO" version and decided to try it out. i just took it. its now a diahrrea color when mixed instead of the color of flavor LOL
its basically the same shit as the old super charge but now with some shit called vinitrox polyphenol complex and some other shit named pikatropin (picamilon)
i cant find any info on vinitrox and some weird info on picamilon LOL

oh well, its kinda making my arms tingle a bit so far, doing legs today so we’ll see how it works with that.
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Besides doing HIIT/cardio early morning and eating extremely clean, do you guys alter your workouts for cutting?

I’m about to start my first cut cycle after putting on ~20lbs of fat/muscle over winter/spring.

Thanks bros.
Some people reduce volume and raise intensity ie. lift heavier. I don’t personally think it is necissary to change for most people trying to reach relatively not so complicated results.
heavy sets.

goal is to hold onto as much mass as possible since you’re in a caloric deficit.
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