healthy way to "Bulk"?

What’s a healthy way to put on maybe 10-15 pounds? I put "bulk" in quotation marks because I don’t mean the bulk that real weightlifters do. I’m just talking about moving from a size "small" T-Shirt to a "medium" and filling out a little. Do you recommend bulking powders? You might suggest to me to eat more calories, and you’re right, I probably should. But it seems like if I add on extra calories, it just goes to the stomach and doesn’t give symmetric gains.
you cant "bulk" without extra calories.. and ‘bulking powders’ are just fats and sugars and proteins..
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Wtf, am i too retarded for shrugs?

So i’m just chilling and doing my shrugs and the friend thats working out with me tells me i shouldn’t curl my arms when i do them, like an upright row. I was using 245 so i drop the weight and i still couldn’t get it right, i was still doing it with like 135. Am i too retarded for shrugs, wtf
My understanding was to keep your shoulders back ,arms straight and don’t move shit except your shoulders. Sounds like you have your shoulder rounded forwards if your arms are bent like a row.
try em with DB’s… i like db shrugs a lot more. don’t roll the shoulders.
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Vegetarian Diet + Work Out- Any Advice?

I am a vegetarian, have been for 16+ years, I am 33 years old. I have done a ton of traveling for work over the past 4 years and gained a bit of weight. I am 6′ 1.5" and weigh in at 237. Before coming to work at this firm, I weighed 202.

I go to the gym now 4 days a week. Only cardio is the mountain bike 2-4 days per week in the woods, definitely moving and getting my HR up.

What should I be eating?

I have been doing Optimum Gold Whey (2 servings) for breakfast.
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I’m not going to unsee this for a while (Version 2)

There is a guy at the gym that I spot and in return, he spots me. I’ve always suspected that he was batting for the wrong team but honestly he is a good spotter so I didn’t really care much… till today. I just finished with my workout and was in the locker room putting my motorcycle gear on and he walks out of the shower completely naked.. which for me is a small pet peeve because there is a changing area so why must you walk all the way from the showers to the lockers instead of just bringing your clothes with you? Anyway, he starts chatting with me and when I glance over all I see is his a prince albert piercing and nipple piercings. We aren’t talking small here either, they were massive rings.
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Feeling Tired on AIFM?

So I’m using it to combat some side effects of propecia which I’m taking in fairly limited amounts.

I feel like after lunch carb load sleepyness in the middle of the morning and by end of the day It feels like midnight. My diet isn’t clean but I’m getting more than enough calories.
estrogen suppression can affect insulin sensitivity, so not eating clean may be a factor in tiredness especially if cals are high.

It could also be that you are using too much. Lethargy is a side effect of too much estrogen suppression.
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Glucorell Question

What is a safe time after taking gluc to start drinking without the superdrunk effect?
an hour is fine and it doesnt happen to everyone.. it happens especially with mixed drinks.

this is the reason why girls will seemingly get drunk faster. .they order liquor drinks with diet soda.. no sugar to process means the alcohol gets into their blood more quickly.. that’s effectively what you’re doing when you’re adding glucorell-r to a sugary drink..making it diet, thus the uptake of the alcohol happensmore rapidly.
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