Hip flexor pain

I’m currently feeling some pain in my right hip flexor and it happens when I am squatting. Is this common? I get the pain even when I am squatting real light weight and the pain becomes less noticeable when I get into my working sets. I also do leg extensions, lying leg curls, and leg presses. Are any of those exercises known to cause the pain? Any advice would be appreciated.

Does it happen as your squatting, or afterwards?
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Muscle Milk crew get in here!

I just bought my first cannister of muscle milk in chocolate. The directions say to add water, but how many of you drink it with milk instead?

the water tastes to thin and well, watery for me.
muscle milk

I don’t drink it personally, too poor. Though I did get a couple 4-packs of the travel kind so I can get my protein on the go :]
I just mix half water and half 2%, tastes just fine that way to me.
i have the Ready-To-Drink cartons. damn tasty and useful, 34g protein and 350 Cals per carton.
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Exertion headaches are owning me.

So two days ago during my workout I got these extreme pulsating headaches at the back of my head near the neck. I looked into it a little and I guess they were exertion headaches. Now 2 days ago I still feel the headache a little bit, until I went to the gym again. I did 3 sets of bench and the pain was worse then it was 2 days ago. The shit is still pulsating as I type this.

It pissed me off that I had to stop my workout after only 3 sets of bench. This will be the first day Ive missed in about 3 months. Anyone know how long Im going to be down for? Or why these headaches just started out of nowhere two days ago when it never happened before? Im not ready for a break yet!
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3 Month Progress – Pics Later

Start Date was 5/07/2008
Start weight: 244
Height 5’8
Goal weight: 180-200 still not sure about this.
Long term goal: Triathalon – Ironman. I want to swim 2.4 miles bike 112 run 26.6 and brag for the rest of my life.
Cardio: Daily
Weight Training – I start this saturday, I hired a personal trainer and had a fitness assement done.
Max run time w/o stoping:30-45 seconds.
Start Mile time: 18 minutes

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Sharp pain under shoulder blade…

Today at the gym i had a sharp pain behind my right shoulder blade. Its kind of an intense pain especially when i pull my shoulders back or straighten my back. It kept me from using my back to lift anything today

What could it be? Should i be worried?
I had something like that years ago and a chiropractor moved it and it never hurt again.

how long would a strained muscle take to go away?
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