Negativity from non-gymers

I have always been very active, and been cursed with a very lean ectomorph body (skinny). I work really hard to get bigger, and the results are very slow and minimal. But what I notice the most is the negativity that most people give me. They call me "skeletor" or when I tell them i’m going to be 200lb (i’m 165) they laugh and say its never going to happen. What’s worse is that none of these people workout, or try to, make excuses not to goto the gym, or are just plain out of shape.
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What are opinions on this. I used to train like this when i had no clue what I was doing and I had okay results.

Too much shit to keep track of to be perfectly honest. Half the time I have no idea what weight will put me into what rep range.
I like full body workouts, but I think it focuses too much on short term load progression instead of long term.

any simple modifications to make it better in your opinion?
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Pound for pound, the strongest guy on here

i think bdr is the only one to do 10x bw, or closest to it.
depends, we talking gym lifts no equipment? Pound for pound makes it a bit different to. My best bench was at 198 but on a ton of harsh shit, so does juice count? Too many variables chief. And pound for pound dont mean dick, fat an water dont make you stronger lol.
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Eating a lot in one setting is so manly!

People you know ever say "get a steak" b/c eating a chicken salade is so feminine. Or they don’t understand that we eat many small meals a day so think we are eating like a girl.

Eating a burger and drinking a beer is what real men eat.
you eat salads for meals? even for many small meals thats not much
i don’t know dude, nobody has ever accused me of eating like a girl

Not every meal. I eat 6 – 8 meals a day and thats one of them.
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During Work-out beverage

what does everybody use? Besides water?

virgin’s blood, but its becoming harder and harder to find, so I replaced it with gatorade & BCAA’s
I throw 10-12 babies in a wine press. In ATL it’s easy to find unwanted babies so my cost is minimal.
what ever liquid comes out of the fountain at the gym.

gonna have to switch to an american beer if you’re working for the gov now
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help me do more!!

Im sick of being unhealthy and fat. I am 24 years old, 6’4”, 20% body fat, and 250 lbs.

So in the passed three weeks, ive been eating really well.

Breakfast usually consists of a small bowl of fiber cereal with 2% milk. Ill usually have a bottle of sparkling water with lemon.

Lunch is usually either a full turkey, lettuce, tomato and Dijon mustard on 7 grain bread; or a half turkey sandwich with a small griled chicken salad with fat free rasberry dressing. I drink 1.5 liters of water at lunch
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New Routine ??? V.asked11tybilliontimes

So I am coming upon week 11 of the current 12 week program I was doing. My thoughts are that so far I am pleased with this routine but I figured I would switch it up for only 8 weeks and then go back to it.

Can someone suggest a Mon-Fri routine for the next 8 weeks that I can do in around 45mins-1 and 15mins a day?

After that I will probably step down to four days a week and use PUR’s routine.
Do you really need someone to write you out a routine?

Surely you know your way around the gym well enough to know what exercises to do for what muscle groups
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lower back pain with squats and deads – am i screwed ( and will be small forever)

title says it all
not a horrible pain but a pinching on the right side for two days after
I have no problem with body weight stuff obviously
any advice etc
I need to be able to lift heavy and dont want back issues creeping up later or getting worse

maybe its form, but who do i consult about that – I am in DC no powerlifting gyms and the personal trainers I have spoke to don’t inspire confidence
I think it’s form. I had that same pain when I first did dl’s. Then I fixed my form.
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