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which sport produces the best physiques?

I’m gonna go with MMA

not overly big, but obviously ready for a war. the right blend between strength and endurance; form and function

You certainly could have picked better examples than Shogun.

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Allmax’s QuickMass

What do you brolies think? Good weight gainer? Or should i keep adding bananas to a milk protein shake?

doubt you can stomach 4 scoops though, and wtf only 6 servings how much does the crap cost
Might as well eat PB with a spoon while drinking a carton of egg white.

you can make your own, protein + light olive oil + peanut butter + bananers
Any weight you gain from that stuff you’ll pryjust regret in due time anyways..

This would be about a million times better
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Just getting back into the Gym,looking for a good routine

Just got a membership and I was looking for some input on what routine types of routine would work best for me.
At this point, I’ve gotten a bit lazy and I’m basically looking to tone back up, reduce body fat and at the same time, lose a few lbs.
Just wanted to see what you guys might suggest.
Thanks in advance.
Mon – Legs
4 sets leg ext 10-15reps
4 sets squat 6-10 reps
3 sets leg press 10-12 reps
4 sets leg curl 10-12reps
3 set db stiff legged or walking lunges
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cardio before or after weights?

to maximize fat loss should cardio be done before or after weight training.
i always do it after or i run in the morning and workout at night…
It won’t affect more or less fat loss before or after.

The only thing that could suffer is your form when weight training because you are tired from doing cardio before.

I do it after.

It won’t affect more or less fat loss before or after.
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quote needed

The quote that basically said screw meditation and all that stuff, weightlifting is my pill or w/e?
Henry Rollins – Iron, at least I think thats what you’re talking about.
“Iron and the Soul”
I believe that the definition of definition is reinvention. To not be like you parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. Completely.

When I was young I had no sense of myself. All I was, was a product of all the fear and humiliation I suffered. Fear of my parents. The humiliation of teachers calling me “garbage can” and telling me I’d be mowing lawns for a living. And the very real terror of my fellow students. I was threatened and beaten up for the color of my skin and my size. I was skinny and clumsy, and when others would tease me I didn’t run home crying, wondering why. I knew all too well. I was there to be antagonized. In sports I was laughed at. A spaz. I was pretty good at boxing but only because the rage that filled my every waking moment made me wild and unpredictable. I fought with some strange fury. The other boys thought I was crazy. Continue reading quote needed