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4 weeks out WA ST NPC championships

roughly 186lbs competing as middle weight. My girlfriend is doing figure and mixed pairs with me. Hopefully we bring home alot of trophies. Dont worry I’ll be wearing plenty of pro tan.

damn your quads themselves will probably bring home some awards. looking good overall. keep us posted on your progress and results!

but looking good bro, love the blue on you

Are You Setting Yourself Up for Injury?

From EFS’s Newsletter…

Lifting weights is easy, but preventing injuries when lifting weights is not always as simple. Because of this, it is not uncommon to find many injuries in weight training. To help prevent injuries and make your workouts more productive, here are seven key factors that you should take into account when weight training.
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De-bug the nervous system

Anyone can improve the way they feel, whether they are just in a slump, mildly depressed or suffer from severe depression.

I did a report, "The Nervous System," when I was ten years old. Here are some terms from drawings I made:

The Peripheral Nervous System has 31 pair of Spinal nerves. The Peripheral also is connected to cranial nerves and the Autonomic Nervous System.

The important nerves of the human body are: Optic, Auditory, Nasal, Renal, Laryngeal, Brachial plexus, Ulnar, Radicil, Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Cervical nerves, Thoratic nerves, Lumbar nerves, Sacral nerves, Sciatic, Tibial, and Peroneal.
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Looking for a good flat folding treadmill that will fit under my bed

Hay fitness crew.

I’m looking for a good flat folding treadmill that will fit under my bed. I really like the Reebok irun but it looks like it is not available in the USA. I also looked at the Horizon Evolve Treadmill but it has mixed reviews and is pretty cheap.

Any suggestions? It will be used for running. I’m 5’9" so I have a pretty average stride.

Running on a foldable treadmill? That’s just asking for something bad to happen. Run around the streets. Ya aint gotta hide them.
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Negativity from non-gymers

I have always been very active, and been cursed with a very lean ectomorph body (skinny). I work really hard to get bigger, and the results are very slow and minimal. But what I notice the most is the negativity that most people give me. They call me "skeletor" or when I tell them i’m going to be 200lb (i’m 165) they laugh and say its never going to happen. What’s worse is that none of these people workout, or try to, make excuses not to goto the gym, or are just plain out of shape.
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During Work-out beverage

what does everybody use? Besides water?

virgin’s blood, but its becoming harder and harder to find, so I replaced it with gatorade & BCAA’s
I throw 10-12 babies in a wine press. In ATL it’s easy to find unwanted babies so my cost is minimal.
what ever liquid comes out of the fountain at the gym.

gonna have to switch to an american beer if you’re working for the gov now
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So I think that beta alanine is just crack

Holy shit I ran like a motherfucker yesterday with no lactic acid buildup at all. I felt like a crack head though, everything itches tingles.
OK. SO everybody was hyping this shit up like some amazing supplement, so I decided to buy 100g of it from nutraplanet. I think they slipped me table salt instead. It does literally NOTHING. I read all this shit about tingling and all that with a high dose. Well what the fuck. I can down 5 tbsp of the shit and I don’t feel a thing.

are you freebasing or mainlining it?
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Allmax’s QuickMass

What do you brolies think? Good weight gainer? Or should i keep adding bananas to a milk protein shake?

doubt you can stomach 4 scoops though, and wtf only 6 servings how much does the crap cost
Might as well eat PB with a spoon while drinking a carton of egg white.

you can make your own, protein + light olive oil + peanut butter + bananers
Any weight you gain from that stuff you’ll pryjust regret in due time anyways..

This would be about a million times better
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