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which sport produces the best physiques?

I’m gonna go with MMA

not overly big, but obviously ready for a war. the right blend between strength and endurance; form and function

You certainly could have picked better examples than Shogun.

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surfing as exercise ?

I Just started surfing. The main reason why I’m taking up surfing is because running is boring as shit and I have enough time to take up an active hobby. Has anyone here surfed, what kind of a workout did it give you?
its really good if you are actually surfing. paddling out and floating in the water for 3 hours isn’t a good workout.
it’s one of the few upper body cardio workouts I guess, I know it always tires me out which is why everyone sits on the other side of the break haha
paddling out can be difficult, but thats about it. I don’t think I’d consider it a substitute for cardio
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any ex-college/semi-pro athletes working through injuries ..

.. thought id throw it out if any of you guys/gals have been going through the same thing ive been jammin’ against for the last couple months ..

.. granted the routine in the gym has been sparatic .. im working through a dislocated shoulder and the emotional baggage it brought to the table when i hit the weight again ..
.. training with Pure Evil and his routines .. started with mostly hammer strength machines and moving my way to free weights and "normal" routines for what some people would discuss ..
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Fitness gurus: what is this exercise?

This guy at the gym was holding a medicine ball against a wall with his outstretched arm, at approx. eye level, and was rolling it around in very small circles.

What is that exercise? Some type of rotator cuff exercise?


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Negativity from non-gymers

I have always been very active, and been cursed with a very lean ectomorph body (skinny). I work really hard to get bigger, and the results are very slow and minimal. But what I notice the most is the negativity that most people give me. They call me "skeletor" or when I tell them i’m going to be 200lb (i’m 165) they laugh and say its never going to happen. What’s worse is that none of these people workout, or try to, make excuses not to goto the gym, or are just plain out of shape.
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Cramps/muscle pain when road running

Hello folks,

I have been doing a lot of running lately on the road, getting myself in shape for military basic training in 4 weeks.

I have gone from 89.6kg weight, to 82.4kg in a matter of weeks after changing my diet. I know have bran flakes for breakfast with 1% milk, fruit or veggie salad for lunch and dinner is mostly salad from my own yard with grilled fish,chicken or steak. I also drink lots of water during the day and herbal tea.

I have also been running 2, 5 and 10k runs twice a week as well as learning how to swim.
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Running vs walking to burn fat only…

Ok, so I was previously (up until yesterday) Doing intervals on the treadmill, as follows…
2 min warm-up at 40% of max speed
1 min 50% of max
1 min of 100% max
1 min of 50% max
1 min of 100% max
etc (usually 6-8 cycles of above… hitting 100% 6-8 time I mean)
and then 5 mins of cooldown at 40%
all of this at about 2.5% incline
This would keep my heart rate at about 180bpm (according to the treadmill) while running at 100% and about 155 when walking at 50%.
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Runner’s Knee, how to get around?

Have chronic runner’s knee and was wondering if anyone else might experience the same, and if so, have any remedies/techniques/stretches/exercises they’d care to share?

Ran the houston marathon in 3:33, but only ran 2-3mi everyday for a month prior to that, so definitely know WHY my right knee gave out the day after. Now trying to get back into the swing of things and want to shoot for a Boston qualifying time.

On that note, anyone in CStat care to train?
Where’s it hurt?
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