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Timberwolf…I’m coming after your ass bro!

37 in novemeber…..162 lbs weighed in today. Just broke my own record of 290lbs benching on monday. 8.8 % body fat and dropping.


crappy cell camera FTL
oh, and fuck you GTlifter

now THIS is what Gatech niglets should look like
lulz you have a while to go.

Lookin good though.
u having to workout to get that means timber > u
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surfing as exercise ?

I Just started surfing. The main reason why I’m taking up surfing is because running is boring as shit and I have enough time to take up an active hobby. Has anyone here surfed, what kind of a workout did it give you?
its really good if you are actually surfing. paddling out and floating in the water for 3 hours isn’t a good workout.
it’s one of the few upper body cardio workouts I guess, I know it always tires me out which is why everyone sits on the other side of the break haha
paddling out can be difficult, but thats about it. I don’t think I’d consider it a substitute for cardio
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weight loss tips

I’ve pretty much kicked soda and that’s helped, trying to eat healthier and I have some home equipment but not too much. Plus I don’t really know what to do on the total gym but I do use it a few times a week. Lost 20lbs but I’ve put back on most of that due to some relapses in soda and stress eating. Anyways my goal is to lose 50lbs by the end of the year and then maybe another 20-30lbs after that.
If soda is a real weakness, why not get the diet variants? They only have 5 calories or something.
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I am a hockey goaltender, routine suggestion?

I need maximum endurance and leg strength, quick hands. For the past two months I have just done some body weight exercises and ran a lot.

any suggestions at all are appreciated.

I kinda figured I would, but I am asking what to do in order to have maximum endurance and strength, just strength and during the third period you are tired, only endurance and you have pussy pushes. Also asking about what to do with arms for speed.
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wish he sprained his ankle

One of the trainers at my gym today was trying to jump rope….. WHILE STANDING ON A MEDICINE BALL. As he was doing this, another one of the trainers was taking photos of him. And these people have master’s degrees
dont know about your gym but mine has about 3 trainers that atg squat 315 for warmup reps like it’s feather weight.
Sounds like a couple of guys that could give you good workout advice.
why would you wish harm on your fellow human being ? i mean what if he said to himself " i wish that jacked whiteboy rips his biceps while deadlifting "
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so if you’re doing cardio, are you burning fat or muscle?

this is kind of confusing now that ive been introduced to the concept of the body preferring to hoard fat for long term surivival and prioritizing muscle growth less… should you be taking protein with cardio too or something?
It burns a little bit of both, depending on some factors. The bottom line is that it won’t care at the end of the day unless you are trying to go down to competing bodyfat levels. Or unless you never end and wanna end up anorexic style.
The body is designed to store fat to use later as fuel when other sources aren’t availible. Your body will burn a higher percentage of fat as long as there is fat availible, thats what its for. The body is always breaking down and rebuilding.
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lose 2% bf in a week…!

so daily routine and diet is:

wake: 15 min in place jog

morn: 2 scoops of whey, 2 tbsp brewers yeats, mixed in yogurt with muesli , dried fruits, and almonds

bike 2.5km to work

1 coffee

lunch: 1 whole grain roll with 200g turkey , sambal , mustard

post lunch 2 coffees

2.5-8km run, and typical weight lifting

after: cottage cheese, a few cashews, whey, and honey mix

2.5km bike home
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