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4 weeks out WA ST NPC championships

roughly 186lbs competing as middle weight. My girlfriend is doing figure and mixed pairs with me. Hopefully we bring home alot of trophies. Dont worry I’ll be wearing plenty of pro tan.

damn your quads themselves will probably bring home some awards. looking good overall. keep us posted on your progress and results!

but looking good bro, love the blue on you

post your RELAXED pic..

Because of the nature of the forum, most all of the pics we post are flexing, etc..let’s see the relaxed pics.

no, i dont have a back disease.. i was waiting for the picture to be taken and I was about to turn around (hence dropping the right shoulder, to spin around right)…i looked at it on the cell phone and it looked fine..guess it wasn’t. my mom is too retarded to figure out how to work a blackberry.

my dog says hello.

front squats?
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Am i working out wrong if I don’t feel the burn in the morning or feel sore?

?? I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything or I’m not doing something right if it doesn’t burn or feel sore in the morning–is this normal to feel this way?

and if that body part doesn’t feel sore did i do something wrong or not work it hard enough? even if im trying to bulk up?
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best gym to join in my area, and how to avoid scams

i live in arlington texas, and i want a 24 hour gym. who should i go with, and how do i avoid getting scammed on my membership

don’t list the options you have or anything…arlington sucks…
Walk into the gym and look at the people who lift there. If those are the types of people you want to become then sign up. Otherwise find another gym.
If there is a 24 hour fitness around you, I can let you know what the best price you can get If you would like. Pm me if you are interested.
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:eek3: im happy. 225×18 the other day on flat bench.

My bench has ALWAYS been fucking pathetic. Long gorilla arms FTMFL when it comes to benching.

Granted Im on gear, but still. Made me happy, and I hardly ever care much about lifts. Felt good though.
i went on to 275 and pumped out 7. maybe ill try for 315 next monday.

Maybe I should shoot bullshark test
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UPDATE: 13.5 weeks out (pics inside!)

Just about 13 1/2 weeks till the NPC northerns. Current bw is 210 lbs. Not sure what my weight will be on stage. I’m not too concerned this time around. I’ll take whatever weight as long as I can nail my conditioning. I apologize for the shitty cam-phone pics. I no longer actually own a digital camera

Intercostals (I actually have visible veins in my lats and definition in my obliques when flexing):

Front "relaxed" pose (lol @ my face):

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Pics from WA State Open v 2nd place

Took 2nd in men’s middle weight open class. Pretty happy with it although I really wanted a win… next year I guess. Here are some pics, most are from the night show I wish the photographer from Muscular Development posted more from pre-judging but he must have liked my routine.



More pics on the MD website under the WA state championship

far right my girlfriend took 3rd in womens open tall
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