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Ordering from Puritans Pride

Im going to get some OMEGA-3 FISH OIL 1200 mg. Softgels (100 Softgels)#013326

I want to get a multi, which do you recommend and why?

anything else? Ive seen significant weight lose in the past three weeks, about 7lbs. my body is no longer as flabby as it was. I do cardio every other day. Going to hit the weights on monday.
I got their one a day because i don’t think i need anything more. I’m sure i get everything i need from my diet.
green source ftw
puritan pride adjusts their prices for their “Sales” though is the only problem i have with them, they try to scam their customers with playing with the price of the product during to compensate for when they make their “3 for 1” offers and shit
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