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Hoornstra Interview

Haven’t seen it posted on here in the past or whatever. Long read.

715×1 raw flat bench
495×5 behind the neck military press
Incline DB Flies with 150s
585×3 bent over rows @75-90degrees
Lateral Raises with the 115s (really tore him up)
855×5 BB Shrugs
635×2 Close Grip Bench
Skullcrushers with 405
765×1 squat

just fucking silly
Long read..wow

This is all killing me not being able to train….
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10 machines you must avoid at your gym

shit is fucking gay. all the "better choice" exercising they suggest are all done with bodyweight.

What it’s supposed to do: , and legs

what’s wrong with it?

sounds like a website that’s trying to promote good health and whether you beleive it or not, power lifting and bodybuilding isn’t exactly good for the joints

Just getting back into the Gym,looking for a good routine

Just got a membership and I was looking for some input on what routine types of routine would work best for me.
At this point, I’ve gotten a bit lazy and I’m basically looking to tone back up, reduce body fat and at the same time, lose a few lbs.
Just wanted to see what you guys might suggest.
Thanks in advance.
Mon – Legs
4 sets leg ext 10-15reps
4 sets squat 6-10 reps
3 sets leg press 10-12 reps
4 sets leg curl 10-12reps
3 set db stiff legged or walking lunges
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