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effects of 420 on regular exercise

been smoking almost 5-6 nights a week and lifting about the same in the afternoon. should i notice any changes in my strength? body weight? what do you guys think?
well since its smoke which is bad for your lungs, you’ll be shorter of breath then you would be if you didn’t

some studies have shown increased estrogen in men from marijuana which could slow down any gains, but other studies have shown no correlation so its up in the air right now

since it gives you the munchies, its good for bulking but not so good if you’re cutting
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weight loss tips

I’ve pretty much kicked soda and that’s helped, trying to eat healthier and I have some home equipment but not too much. Plus I don’t really know what to do on the total gym but I do use it a few times a week. Lost 20lbs but I’ve put back on most of that due to some relapses in soda and stress eating. Anyways my goal is to lose 50lbs by the end of the year and then maybe another 20-30lbs after that.
If soda is a real weakness, why not get the diet variants? They only have 5 calories or something.
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Bulking up…read the stickys but…

I’ve been working out consistently everyday at work for the last 2 months and have definitely been seeing results. However, I think I need to do more to increase muscle mass. Would creatine help with that? I currently dont take it now but I have significantly increased my protein intake.

Regarding protein, what is a good protein supplement (Optimum?) and a good place to buy it? None of the sites in the sticky seemed to have it. Also, how important is creatine? Does that have any effect on bulking aside from the fact that it enhances muscle performance?
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Nutrition EDU

There was so much information that I now have to split into multiple post

The same questions come back over and over again so I wanted to make an EDU about it. Feel free to add a comment or PM me if there are mistakes or stuff to add. I might add links to some resources or to my sources, just ask for it and I’ll look it up and add it. If there are terms you don’t understand, use Google and Wikipedia, this crazy website for geeks () THEN ask questions.

A huge influence on your progress will be your nutrition. Training is usually the one thing people talk about but nutrition is almost always overlooked. People know how many miles per gallon their car does, but now how much cals they have to eat to maintain their weight. Some people can get amazing results in spite of what they’re doing (eating, training, etc). We shouldn’t try to do what they do. Genetics doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it, it means that you’ll have to work harder to get it. Part of being what you want to be is doing stuff you don’t really want to do.

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