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So the doctor told me I have low testosterone

I had a endocrinologist do some blood work just to see how my testosterone levels are and surprise surprise I have a low enough testosterone level 220 that he wrote me a script for a testosterone gel (Testim). Have any of you guys had experience with this before? He told me it’s a Gel that you rub on usually in the mornings that has a 5g dose.
ya its a gel that increases your test? What isnt there to get? Just make sure the areas clean and also you may get some irratation there. The gels are not really going to make you hulking huge or rage but you will feel alot better overall and should gain some nice muscle in the beginning.
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Holy Shit David Jacobs died

DJ is a ex gear dealer to many dallas area cops and professional athletes/bodybuilders. He was going to give up names of stars and athletes as well as cops because he thought it was the right thing to do now. He was found dead in his home in Plano, TX. More to the story im sure but dont really know/care to remember.

yeah you’re a little behind although I didn’t recognize the name

my friend from the internet had best friends which had friends that were “Friends” with him
Why do i feel like this exact thread has happened before?
gotta understand his suicide,he was facing probation lol.
Or maybe one of the hundreds of people whos lives he was about to ruin was really good at making it look like a suicide.

and FUCK a juice using hypocrite pig, best believe if they find juice on you, you are either getting charged, or there stealing it for themselfs.

his gf was shot too. Most likely he killed her then himself. He was very possessive when it came to her and told her if she left him he would kill her.
It was a hit. She was shot in the face and killed. He was shot in the head and the gut. Professional job and I wish I could have been the trigger man(I wouldn’t have shot the girl though)

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