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Exertion headaches are owning me.

So two days ago during my workout I got these extreme pulsating headaches at the back of my head near the neck. I looked into it a little and I guess they were exertion headaches. Now 2 days ago I still feel the headache a little bit, until I went to the gym again. I did 3 sets of bench and the pain was worse then it was 2 days ago. The shit is still pulsating as I type this.

It pissed me off that I had to stop my workout after only 3 sets of bench. This will be the first day Ive missed in about 3 months. Anyone know how long Im going to be down for? Or why these headaches just started out of nowhere two days ago when it never happened before? Im not ready for a break yet!
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Pics from WA State Open v 2nd place

Took 2nd in men’s middle weight open class. Pretty happy with it although I really wanted a win… next year I guess. Here are some pics, most are from the night show I wish the photographer from Muscular Development posted more from pre-judging but he must have liked my routine.



More pics on the MD website under the WA state championship

far right my girlfriend took 3rd in womens open tall
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Sleep Apnea update

Well, per OT’s advice I went back to the doc and had the sleep study done. It looks like I’m in the 12 occurrences per hour range which puts me just short of the 20 required for the mask. This is cool though as the doc put me on provigil. Holy shit it’s great. I don’t really take any stimulants or caffeine and a low dose of 100mg puts me on fire. I can eat pizza for lunch and be wide awake working on spreadsheets. I think a few months of this and we’ll probably have the weight down too.
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I used to work nights and go to gym straight after ( 7 AM ) , I had breakfast 2 – 3 hours before , and everything was fine..
Right now I work days , so im at the gym an hour after I wake up.
I’ve heard that breakfast wont matter since you need to eat at least 2 hours before exercising.
Im mixing some l-arginine + bcaa + glutamine + 2 redline pills ( same things I’ve been taking before )

First day ( yesterday ) I had a massive headache at the gym , today I added some whey to the mix , it helped a little but not much , still headache.
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