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sick of inconsistent diet

I got the will, but no way..i dont know SHIT about the kitchen and cookin…but i need to get on a consistent healthy diet…i need someone to fuckin hold my hand with this..all i want is someone to tell me 1. exactly wut to buy at the store 2. how to cook some of the meals…i know the whole chicken/eggs/brown rice/veg shit but i dont know wut to do with it….any programs i can look for on the internet or some shit for lost fucks like myself??

a pre- for all u comedians
get the thin cut chicken breasts, should say something like "for even cooking"
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people who like TUNA

and get sick of the plain taste well this shit is perfect for people on the go

cheap too like a $1.25/$1.50 a pack

usually has 5 ounces a pack. so 33g of so of protein

then :

those are badass too. serve over rice

i’ve had every flavor. all of them are tasty as fuck

i can eat 5 ounces of the fillets in ~60 seconds. takes me about 5min to do a can of tuna
open can of tuna, drain, pour in buffalo sauce, eat. this whole entire process takes 2 minutes and it’s a lot cheaper
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Today, I fell in :love:

with this:

Add x amount of rice
Add x amount of water
Press button
Wait 30minutes

Then you have rice to last you for days, or if you prefer fresher rice you can make it every other day. Once it’s cooked it stays on "warm" mode to keep it from spoiling, and can stay that way for over a day. They need something like this for chicken breasts.
DO WANT… Why do I feel like a house wife? Price/Where you buy it?

EDIT: At the moment, I just use instant rice… water/rice, tsp olive oil, add to microwave for 3mins and done. Ingredients in instant rice don’t look to good for you… going to have to switch to traditional
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eating chicken breasts everyday – how do you make it?

buying bulk from costco, do you guys just buy plain ones and marinade them yourself? i’ve bought ones that already have flavors like honey bbq before and am tired of them. whats the easiest marinade to make that doesn’t start tasting like shit after eating 3 months straight?
I like to bake mine in the oven. Cheap chicken breasts from wal-mart (Great Value or whatever) spice with lemon pepper and herbs and pepper, two slices of orange above and below the chicken, wrap each individually in aluminum foil, go to the gym work out, come home shower, then eat chicken.
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what do you guys eat? v.meals

i gotta go shopping today for food and im sick of eating the same shit, its getting to me.

what are you cooking?
here’s 4 meals i eat at 400 calories each that are pretty balanced.

egg beaters , rice, oil
rice, beans, salmon/tilapia
oatmeal, protein
bread, tuna

btw, thats brown rice and extra fiber bread. I don’t just eat bread adn tuna, i add condiments but they are really really low cal or no cal. same goes for the other meals, ill add suger free jelly and splenda to my oatmeal and salsa to my beans and rice. a little soy with my imitation fried rice.
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