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What to eat after running?

I started running last week, been trying to keep it at minimum 3x a week. I run about 2 miles. By the time I get home I’m starving. What are some good foods to eat after running?
Is there some sort of time frame in which I need to eat after? I haven’t eaten anything yet, and I got home from running at 9:30.
are you running to lose weight or for cardiovascular/general fitness?
Protein and carb blend. Protein is B0$$ and it actually helps your uptake of carbs. Scoop of protein w/a banana is a good combo. Gives you some potasium too. If you eat a shit ton of pasta it will just make you more tired. You don’t need that many carbs. Just get ~20gs or so with some protein within 10-15 minutes of workout and then within an hour or so get a regular meal.
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