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face fat?

I am currently bulking right now and I am seeing great progress. I am slowly gaining overall size. (Went from 160-170lbs) However, I’ve gained a significant amount of fat on my face. It seems to be fairly noticeable by family members who I haven’t seen before I gained the weight. I didn’t gain too much fat anywhere else though. Should I lower my carb intake? What kind of adjustments do you recommend for my diet?

On training days I take in around 4300 calories, 360 g protein, 366g carbs, 150 g fat.
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For cutting, would having a zero carb high protein shake be good for a meal?

I’ll list my diet as of now, I want to change it because I feel like I’ve started to slow down.

– 3/4 Cup Oatmeal;1 Egg; 4 Egg Whites
10:00am – 1 chicken breast
1:00pm – 1 chicken breast; 1 cup veggies; i slice wheat bread (or 1/4 cup brown rice)
4:00pm – 1 chicken breast
5:45-8:15 – Workout
9:00pm – 5 Egg Whites; 1 Cup Veggies
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protein, if that? your supplements

i never take anything other than protein, and i’m not even sold on that at this point, just wondering what everyone swears by and why…
nothing right now except fpr a couple general health sups that everyone should take even if they dont lift. imo the only things worthwhile are illegal.
fish oil
beta alanine
protein powder is a supplement, totally unnecessary if your getting it in the proper levels from your diet. The problem is that when resistance training your protein requirements get jacked up pretty high and it can be problematic to eat enough protein through your diet alone.
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Post your grocery list

This is what i usually buy every week

– canned tuna
– chicken breasts
– beans, peppers
– no/low fat milk
– salmon
– eggs
– oats
– brown bread or rice
– bananas
– salad mix
– yogurt
This is what i usually buy every week

– canned tuna
– chicken breasts
– beans, peppers
– no/low fat milk
– salmon
– eggs
– oats
– brown bread or rice
– bananas
– salad mix
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What have you eaten today?

<food> <cals> <carb/protein/fat>

2 cups milk 260 24/16/10
2 scoops protein 240 6/46/4
1/2 cup oats dry 150 27/5/2.5

1 bottle crystal light 10 2/0/0
3 rice cakes 105 21/3/0

6oz chicken 180 0/42/1.5
1 banana 130 30/1/0
26g gatorade 100 26/0/0

carbo force 270 66/0/0
2 scoops protein 240 (this is usually whole food, but I didn’t go home after the gym)

6oz chicken 180 0/42/1.5
potato 220 48/6/.5
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Broly Crew: I seek your guidance.

I stand at 5’10" 185lbs right now which I suppose is a average height/weight combo except for the fact I have a terrible bf% (some where over 20% .) So obviously, it’s time for me to make some changes. So I’ve taken up training again and transitioning into a better diet.

I’ve done some Googling on the matter and have come to some conclusions in terms of training based on all the reading.

1. It’s preferred for me to have an upper or lower day as opposed to chest/tri day, back/bi day, etc.
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My buddies "low carb" diet!!

One of my buddies was asking for some diet advice. I asked him what does he eat now. He said that he gets around 3000-3500 cals per day and less than 200 carbs. I told him that I wanted to see exactly what his meals were. This is his diet!! LMAO!!

:30am (breakfast)
~70g Milk Isolate protein
full fat cream
2 cups of milk
mixed berries
Magnesium Aspartate

1:00pm (lunch @ Sonny Bryans)
BBQ beef, chicken, ham
greenbean casarole
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Post your Supplements

Optimum 100% Whey Protein, 10 Lbs., Double Rich Chocolate
BSN NO-Xplode, 2.71 Lbs., Fruit Punch
Prolab Creatine Monohydrate, 1000 Grams
Prolab Glutamine Powder, 1000 Grams
Olympian Labs Omega-3 Fish Oils, 240 Softgels


they mostly take it because they’re misguided
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