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How many pressing movements for shoulders?

Is 1 enough? i usually switch up one pressing move each time seated military/standing/push/DB. But it just feels like it’s not enough and my shoulders are lagging. Should i add another pressing movement to the shoulder routine or would that be too much?
sure. do regular shoulder presses and then maybe some push presses afterwards so you can cheat a little with some leg momentum and finish your shoulders off.

That’s what I do, Military seated DB press then push presses after
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stretching/warm up ritual

what is your guys ritual at the gym before you start lifting for upperbody and legs ? i remember mainesucks posting a shoulder rehab/warmup video and thats what ive been using, but i was thinking i could include some type of stretching also
eeeek, don’t stretch. (maybe a little on legs day) just a quick warm up set of 8-10 on a really light weight then go. I should probably be stretching, i’m sure.
Do 3-4 of the exercises from Mag Mobility and do a shoulder complex.

Depending on how my knees feel I may walk on the tread mill or ride a bike for like 3 min.
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Workout routine?

I work 40 hours a week. I drive 2-3 hours a day to/from work. I wake up at 5:15am and get home by 5:30pm but totally exhausted and can not find the motivation to work out. I eat *decently* but obviously not great… I’m at an all time high in my weight at 215lb (I’m 6’1) and I just got out of the Marines where my average was a solid 180… I’m not exactly sure what I should be changing in my life to get the energy to workout… I have the will power… I just feel so drained during the work week to do it.
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So the doctor told me I have low testosterone

I had a endocrinologist do some blood work just to see how my testosterone levels are and surprise surprise I have a low enough testosterone level 220 that he wrote me a script for a testosterone gel (Testim). Have any of you guys had experience with this before? He told me it’s a Gel that you rub on usually in the mornings that has a 5g dose.
ya its a gel that increases your test? What isnt there to get? Just make sure the areas clean and also you may get some irratation there. The gels are not really going to make you hulking huge or rage but you will feel alot better overall and should gain some nice muscle in the beginning.
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Just took my first EC stack about an hour ago.

Man.. i went to go shoot around in my backyard, felt like i could do it for hours.
Is "shooting around" for hours something you normally wouldn’t have been able to do?

EC is great though. I wish I didn’t drink so much alcohol and could actually stay on a cycle of it for more than a week

Is "shooting around" for hours something you normally wouldn’t have been able to do?
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One of my friends recently decided he wants to get in better shape so he started exercising with me. He really needs to lose weight so when he goes iwth me we just focus on cardio. We’ll do stadiums, running, cycling, swimming etc.

Well, a few weeks ago he started going with me, then his mom got in a bad car accident and he had to take care of her so he stopped for about two weeks. Ever since he came back he’s been having trouble with the exercises we usually do. It started when he first came back. We just kind of picked up where he left off, and started with a bike ride. We rode for 14 miles, 15-16 mph pace with a sprint of about 22 mph at the finish. Afterward he started coughing really hard then ended up throwing up. I didn’t think anything of it, since he hadn’t been working out.
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What to eat after running?

I started running last week, been trying to keep it at minimum 3x a week. I run about 2 miles. By the time I get home I’m starving. What are some good foods to eat after running?
Is there some sort of time frame in which I need to eat after? I haven’t eaten anything yet, and I got home from running at 9:30.
are you running to lose weight or for cardiovascular/general fitness?
Protein and carb blend. Protein is B0$$ and it actually helps your uptake of carbs. Scoop of protein w/a banana is a good combo. Gives you some potasium too. If you eat a shit ton of pasta it will just make you more tired. You don’t need that many carbs. Just get ~20gs or so with some protein within 10-15 minutes of workout and then within an hour or so get a regular meal.
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